The second round was a bit more predictable, but still saw the loss of some good strains. Check out who got knocked out and light one up for them: 

The field now looks like this: 

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And with that, let’s dive into the 4 third-round matchups and the 8 strains competing.  

Shelf 1

(2) Sour Diesel v. (5) Gelato

Sour Diesel squeaked by in the second round. But a win is a win, and it’s faced some good competition. Shelf 1 has definitely been the most competitive, and Gelato is one of the most popular strains left in the competition. The winner will have a tough matchup against whoever represents Shelf 2. 

Winner: Gelato

Shelf 2

(1) OG Kush v. (4) Wedding Cake

And let’s face it, OG Kush is going to come out of Shelf 2. No disrespect to Wedding Cake, which is a fine strain, but OG Kush is dominating every matchup. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t advance to the Fire Four. 

Winner: OG Kush

Shelf 3

(8) Jack Herer v. (5) Pineapple Express

Jack Herer is the last wild card strain remaining after Purple Punch had an unfortunate run-in with Sour Diesel. As the people’s competitor, it faces its stiffest competition yet: Pineapple Express. I could see the Seth Rogen cosign carrying PE to the Fire Four. 

Winner: Pineapple Express

Shelf 4

(8) Alien OG v. (4) GMO Cookies

Sure, Alien OG is benefiting from being in a weaker division, but still, it has put in a respectable performance thus far. But don’t sleep on GMO Cookies who earned 91 more votes than Alien OG did in the second round. 

Winner: Alien OG

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