Pioneering CBD products manufacturer Charlotte’s Web revealed the latest installment of its Trust the Earth campaign on Tuesday with the unveiling of a massive art installation by acclaimed street artist Shepard Fairey mown into a Kansas wheat field. The work, which covers more than 76 acres of farmland in McPherson, Kansas, is a collaboration between Charlotte’s Web and the creative agency founded by Fairey, Studio Number One.

The living artwork contains a message that advocates hemp as a natural way to good health while also serving as a call to action in support of the crop, which was legalized by Congress with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill.

“Whether it’s a mural in Brooklyn, a poster in your home, or a field in Kansas, Studio Number One understands the power of art to compel change. SNO worked with Charlotte’s Web to call on citizens to Trust the Earth,” Fairey said in a press release.

The enormous installation features a rendition of Fairey’s classic image of a raised fist, this time clutching a cannabis leaf that is revealed in all its glory in front of a backdrop of sunbeams rising over a mountain range. The imagery is accompanied by text, with the message ‘Trust The Earth’ at the top of the piece and ‘Hemp For Natural Hemp contained in a circle below the hand. 

To create the piece, a single farmer guided by GPS spent a week mowing a field totaling more than three million square feet. The finished field art, installed by Precision Mazes, is so large that a local farmer’s airplane was needed to achieve the altitude required to photograph the entire Trust The Earth field art installation.

“A farmer’s field is a place to cultivate life-changing ideas and grow a voice for those still seeking hemp-based wellness,” said Jared Stanley, the chief cultivation officer and co-founder of Charlotte’s Web. “Through this powerful artwork, we experience a coalition between earth and humanity, and our journey to create sustainable, natural wellness. In the case of hemp, revolutionary wellness. Our purpose is to ignite conversations that open access to hemp in all states that have yet to provide this choice.”

Trust The Earth

The new crop art is the third part of Charlotte’s Web’s Trust the Earth campaign that was launched in October 2019. Founded by the Stanley Brothers in 2014, Charlotte’s Web helped to ignite the cannabidiol movement with the creation of its eponymous strain of hemp that was named for Charlotte Figi, a young Colorado girl whose severe epilepsy was brought under control with a CBD-rich cannabis extract.

Through the Trust the Earth campaign, the company combines its voice, public art, and the country’s landscape to share the message of hemp for good health. In addition, it is hoped that the new installation will inspire people to support improved access to hemp. Despite the legalization of the crop at the federal level nearly two years ago, states were given the authority to regulate or even ban hemp and products made from it, including CBD and other cannabinoids.

“This art is the visual and naturally living embodiment of Charlotte’s Web’s mission to unleash the healing powers of botanicals,” said Deanie Elsner, the CEO of Charlotte’s Web. “And, we hope this inspires many to join us in fighting for sound federal and state regulations.”

“This glorious field art celebrates everyone on Earth whose lives have been improved by hemp-derived CBD wellness products,” she added. “Charlotte’s Web continues to lead the revolution and will continue to advocate.”

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