Like every aspect of the wild world of weed, how we smoke it has evolved considerably. What started as fumbling through a pack of rolling papers, has become puffing shatter out of a Puffco Peak at your ten-year reunion. 

While there have never been more ways to get high than right now, bongs, pipes and traditional dab rigs are still some of the most effective ways to medicate. More importantly, these products are exempt from the technological issues futuristic smoking accessories like vapes and electronic rigs frequently experience. Plus, there’s something enjoyable about a simple hit of good weed from a clean glass bong.

That’s not to say that the analog world of smoking accessories hasn’t seen an explosion in innovation since legality. Widespread acceptance has made it okay to want your bong to be as stylish as you. 

Here’s our buyer’s guide to pipes and bongs, with some dab rigs and a bubbler sprinkled in for good measure. 


JET Water Pipe X5 

JET’s X5 Water Pipe is the perfect bong in that it hits smooth like an expensive glass piece, but doesn’t break like one. Impact-resistant materials make this bong invincible, which is exactly how you’ll feel after taking a hit.

Price: $214.34

The Mia Water Pipe 

Chic, versatile, with a “technical sphere body,” and unapologetically round, the Mia Water Pipe by Snoop Dogg’s glass line Smoking Pounds is chock full of star power. It sings, it dances — it also comes with all the necessary equipment to double as a dab rig.

Price: $139.99

Eyce Hammer

Some occasions, especially those of the outdoor, drunken variety, aren’t particularly glass-friendly. Enter the Eyce Hammer, a perfectly sized, perfectly indestructible silicon bubbler that comes with a snap-in glass bowl, hidden jar, and steel poker. Throw it in a backpack and rage on.

Price: $39.99 

Miwak Junior’s Sierra Lima 

Miwak Junior makes simple, stunning pieces of ceramic art you can also use to smoke. The Sierra Lima — or “The Lefty” — is a tribute to the artistic world of the left-handed in pipe form. Each pipe is handmade and essentially one of a kind, hitting smooth, and looking smoother. 

Price: $80

Edie Parker Flower’s Glass Strawberry Pipe

A fabulous addition to any fruit bowl, dinner party or drab, dreary situation that needs a splash of color, Edie Parker Flower’s Glass Strawberry Pipe puts a pop art twist on getting high, and what could be more fun than that? 

Price: $115

The Spoon Pipe

Tradition meets innovation with The Spoon Pipe by Marley Natural. Suitable for any smoking situation, whether you’re an old man in a rocking chair or a 22-year-old toking out the window of a hippie van, its strong and classic design features heat-resistant glass and an experience that is, above all else, exceptionally smooth. 

Price: $60

6-inch Grav Sherlock

Grav’s Sherlock pipe may look typical, but the devil is in the details. The inverted mouthpiece catches any ash that falls through the bowl, ensuring a Scooby Snack-free smoke. Plus, the weight and durability make the Sherlock pipe ideal for everyday toking.

Price: $19.99

Top Secret Stealth

Genius designed a smoking device that Steve Jobs would have been proud of. The Top Secret Stealth is sleek, modern and makes the perfect gift for the friend who is on that industrial, futuristic level. The patented dimple design makes millions of micro vortices with each inhale which filters and cools the smoke while bringing out the flow

Glassy Can Pipe

Glassy keeps it real with this porcelain nod to a stoner classic



The Session Bong

Experience millennial design at its finest with The Session Bong. It’s minimalist, practical and comes with an array of rubber pastel cases. It’s the perfect companion to getting high enough to bear the gig economy. 

Price: $120

Chongo Marble

Summerland’s Chongo Marble fuses simplicity with elegance with this breathtaking spin on the classic bong. Its form brims with familiarity while the marble finish makes a real work of art. 

Price: $250

The Coyote Bong

Manifest the psychedelic vibes of the desert with this ceramic piece from My Bud Vase. With textured sand detail and a matte painted base, this arty, laid back bong will stoke your creativity. 

Price: $100

Heir Waterpipe

Heir’s Waterpipe is as sleek and simple as it is heavy-duty. Thick glass and a metal bowl make it perfect for packing top shelf flower. Its sleek design makes cold-filtered toking intuitive and easy to clean.

Price: $260

Rigs and Bubblers

4-inch Grav Hammer Bubbler

Sometimes you have to drop the hammer on them — Grav’s Hammer Bubbler is the ideal gift for such occasions. With approximately a half-inch of water, the smoke filters through the downstem and bubbles up to the surface to create the ideal sesh.

Price: $47.99

Honey Bear Dab Rig/Bong 

Few things in life are as cute as this Honey Bear Bong/Rig hybrid from the Daily High Club. 

Price: $69.99

By Lindsay MaHarry and Allena Braithwaite

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