And with the end of the third round, we are firmly in the ? four! Below is a recap of the third round:

The field now looks like this: 

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And with that, let’s dive into the 2 fourth-round matchups and the 4 strains competing.  

(5) Gelato v. (1) OG Kush

I’m going to be honest, this is the matchup I’ve been waiting for. The modern classic versus the OG. Gelato v. OG Kush. It’s the MJ vs. LeBron debate, but for weed. 

Winner: TBD

(5) Pineapple Express v. (8) Alien OG

As predicted, Pineapple Express has breezed past Jack Here and sits comfortably in the final four. I personally think PE is heating up and has too much momentum for Alien OG, but at the risk of being on the receiving end of a Dennis Green-esque rant, I’ll save the crowning for after they play the game.   

Winner: TBD

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