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Unified Global:
$200 Million International Roll Up

Unified Global is consolidating smaller, profitable, cannabis operations into a scalable public company.

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 Consolidating smaller, profitable, cannabis operations into a scalable public company

➣ Trading on CSE and OTCQB

➣ Team with 100+ years of cannabis and M&A experience

➣ Int’l Tax Strategy: Able to reduce taxes to 4%

➣ $200M+ of profitable revenue under LOI

➣ Focused on mature fragmented cannabis markets

➣ Consolidating profitable operators into scalable public company

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100+ Years

100+ combined years of cannabis operating experience by a leadership team with corporate roll-up expertise


1500+ Locations

Consolidating and vertically integrating in 4 mature markets:

➣ Over 1,500 cannabis operators, with over $2B in sales.

➣ Fragmented markets with 90% as Mom and Pop operators.

➣ Unified aims to capture a 10% in each market, becoming a dominant player


1. Convertible Debt w/Warrants

  • Private placement of convertible debt
  • Debentures convertible into public company stock at a
    discount, plus warrants. 

2. Real Estate

  • Financing of individual warehouses (cultivation) or retail stores
  • Mortgages on properties of cannabis enterprises OR into a cannabis REIT

3. Direct Equity into Public Stock

  • Private placement of up to 10 million shares Debentures
  • Direct equity investment into public company with
    warrant coverage

4. Senior Secured Instrument

Acquisition financing for one acquisition or participate in a Syndicated Sr Secured instrument with multiple assets


Model for Consolidation

Our business model is to roll up exisiting, profitable, independent, smaller, existing operations and increase profitability by standardizing procedures and systems.

Knowing How To Scale

“One of our folks on our team helped over 90 stores in Canada over a 30 month time frame. Having that level of scalability and knowing how to scale quickly is important.” Our plan is to have 150 stores over a 36 month time period.

What Makes Us Different

Our 4 P’s:
• People
• Profits
• Point of Sale
• Publicly Traded




100+ years of vertically operated cannabis Expertise including cultivation, supply chain & retail. Skilled in M&A integration.


Mature profitable assets that
can make more profits through
Unified’s vertically integrated
operations and standardized,
optimized system

Point of sale

Select successful anchor retail
dispensaries to model strategy
1,500 stores to target from
mature markets
50+ corporate retail stores
expected by the end of Q1/24.

Publicly Traded

One of the few profitable
publicly traded companies,
and the only one with
retail in 2 countries

Who We Are

Pual Lufkin

Pual Lufkin
Founder / Chairman

Paul is an M&A and finance professional with a specialty in small business consolidations, having performed 40 M&A transactions as an owner/operator and/or investor. As one of the only Canadians who has lived in Colorado through cannabis legalization he performed early M&A as the industry was chaotically evolving. He’s able to bring unique perspectives to support the Canadian market as it becomes more profitable and share Canadian scalability experiences to the US markets as they consolidate. Paul is a partner in Green Growth Capital Partners and serves as Unified Global's Chairman and Leader Of Inspiration, Mergers & Acquisitions and Strategy building a Participation Age Cannabis Collective.

Michael Lamb

Michael Lamb
Senior Director Capital Markets

Head of Capital Markets and ESG Strategy (Environmental, Social, and Governance). Mr. Lamb brings a long successful career track record in management and sales in the domestic institutional fixed income capital markets and wealth management with primary broker dealers such as Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. After leaving Morgan Stanley, Michael designed and developed the hedge fund, Medicus LP that invests in profitable publicly traded equities that touches the Cannabis sector. The focus is to keep relationships in the trenches of the Cannabis industry to be nimble and change with the market.

Tracy Dee

Tracy Dee
Leader of Unification

Tracy is a change champion, and bridge builder. She brings over 30 years of experience within multiple industries effectively merging teams together for successful collaborations and transformations including the Molson/Coors integration with Miller. A blending of project management and change methodologies for unification of multiple initiatives is her unique skillset.

Jonathan Denis

Jonathan Denis
Attorney General Advisory Board Chair

Advisory Board Chair - is a partner at Guardian Law LLP in Calgary, Alberta. Jonathan served as Alberta's 23rd Attorney General during his two terms as a Member of the Alberta Legislature (MLA). Jonathan is a director of the Canadian Cannabis Chamber and has numerous cannabis clients. His law practice is focused on ensuring a proper balance between the rights of legal cannabis businesses and public safety.

sanja ganja

Sanja "Ganja" Carson
Marketing Director

As the host of The Sanja Ganja Show, Sanja “Ganja” Carson has been a cannabis cultural leader and advocate for over 12 years. Bringing her highly specialized industry knowledge to Unified Global, Sanja is focused on preserving the cultural and brand identities of all our partners–while still connecting directly with consumers to ensure we are all responding to emerging market demands.

Molly Hennessy

Molly Hennessy
Project Manager Of Acquisitions & Unification

Molly has worked in the cannabis industry for 11 years having worked in dispensaries and cultivation facilities before implementing ERP/seed to sale software, in the US and Canada. She’s worked on M&A diligence and post closing integrations having converted over 100 dispensaries from legacy to unified systems. Molly is assisting Unified as a Project Manager on Unified’s acquisitions and post closing unification of systems.


Unified Global Highlights:

100+ Years Cannabis Operating Experience

  • Leadership team with corporate roll up expertise 

1500+ Targets 

  •  1500+targeted Mom & Pop cannabis companies with $2B of sales. 


  • OREGON: $1B Market 
  • COLORADO: $1.5B Market
  • CANADA: $4B Market


Colorado, Oregon, Canada (view presentation).

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