Every month from February through June, Harris Bricken is partnering with UCLA’s CannaClub to lead “Cannabis and the Law,” a seminar series examining the myriad of legal questions and concerns related to the present and future of the United States cannabis industry.

As the largest legal market for cannabis in the United States, California state leaders are in a unique position to help define the legal framework for how cannabis can be treated across the United States. From taxation, to business law and social equity programs, California is at the epicenter of a number of important issues. Despite this, the illicit cannabis market in California is still thriving due to problems with consistent enforcement and evolving regulations.

All seminars in this series are free to the public and located on the UCLA campus. Whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur, or a student, these talks are designed for all stakeholders who want to take a deep dive into a dynamic and sometimes contentious legal landscape of cannabis regulations and business.

Future seminars, with time and place subject to change, are below:

  • February 19:  The Legal Landscape of Cannabis in California (Alison Malsbury).
  • March 18: Factors that Are Unique to Business Formation in the Cannabis Sector (Griffen Thorne)
  • April 15: Considerations for Investments and Fundraising for Cannabis Businesses (Tatiana Logan)
  • May 13: Legal Issues Surrounding Hemp, Hemp-Derived Products, and CBD (Griffen Thorne)
  • June 3: Cannabis and Hemp and the Legal Requirements of Testing (Hilary Bricken & Griffen Thorne)

Parking Information:

UCLA Lecture Hall, Kaplan A65 is located at:
415 Portola Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Nearby parking can be found in Parking Structure 2:
602 Charles E. Young Drive, East
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Additional directions can be found by accessing UCLA’s interactive map.

For additional information, please forward all questions to firm@harrisbricken.com.

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