With Hanukkah already upon us and Christmas right around the corner, the time for tempting and tasty treats is here! For many, the holiday season wouldn’t be the same without some old school favorites to enjoy with family and friends. And this year, you can take the party a notch higher with cannabis-infused goodies that tip their hats to traditional holiday desserts.

If you’ll be lighting the menorah this season, award-winning cannabis-infused cookie company Dr. Norm’s has a new confection that you’ll want to have on hand for the duration of the eight crazy nights. Roberta Wilson, who founded the company with her brother Jeff Koz, said that the treats are a celebration of family and faith.

“We were planning to do something special for the holiday season when a light bulb went off!” Wilson explained in a press release. “We’re Jewish, our father Dr. Norm was Jewish, and Hanukkah never gets enough love. We have to do something about this! So we decided to honor our heritage by creating the first Hanukkah weed cookie. Our folks are up in heaven looking down on all of this, and all we can hope is that this puts a smile on their faces.”

Dr. Norm’s Heavenly Hanukkah Cookies are sweet, buttery sugar cookies festooned with blue and white sprinkles. Each package contains 10 cookies with 10 milligrams of THC goodness each. 

Not folks to leave the Yuletide crowd out in the cold, Dr. Norm’s has come out with a cannabis-infused Christmas sugar cookie, as well, this one liberally doused with red and green sprinkles. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, they’re the perfect cap for a tumultuous season.

“These cookies are not the ones you want to leave out for Santa! Or maybe they are,” Wilson quipped in an email. “2020 has probably been a tough year for him, too!”

‘And Visions Of Sugar Plums Danced In Their Heads’

If candies are more to your liking, California’s Plus Products has a special holiday release of the company’s Plus Strains real fruit gummies infused with extracts from classic cannabis strains. Available only while they last, the treats elicit memories of The Nutcracker and the words of Clement Clarke Moore in “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

“The inspiration behind our new limited-edition flavor, Sugar Plum, was to create a fun, festive product that also stayed true to the essence of our Plus Strains line,” Nate Yagoda, Plus Products vice president of marketing, explained in an email to High Times. “We wanted to pay homage to both traditional sugar plum candies and fairies associated with the season as well as the cannabis strain itself.”

“Sugar Plum is a blend of two iconic strains, Berkeley Blues and Hawaiian Haze Plum, which delivers a feel-good vibe that we think makes anyone’s season merry and bright,” Yagoda continued. “Typical sugar plum candies draw on flavors like dried fruits, almonds, honey, and aromatic seeds, so we combined blood orange and toasted cinnamon for a warming spice sensation evocative of the season.”

Dr. Norm’s holiday cookie selections are available now at select California dispensaries. Plus Strains Sugar Plum infused gummies are also available at licensed retailers in California and online. Get yours while you can!