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Torch River

A Premium cannabis Grow Operation for sale
Torch River has refined a proven and very successful grow operation


The origin of Torch River is a well known legacy. The natives called it “the place of the torches.” In the evenings, all along the river they used flame to attract trout, perch, and smallmouth bass, harvesting them with nets and spears. The float down Torch River begins at the dock just passed the dancing willow tree. Your toes dangling in the crystal clear water, with the faint aroma of virgin pine and sun glistening off the river rock. Full relaxation mode sets in. This is northern Michigan, untapped and unspoiled. This is the birthplace of our journey. Here’s to you my friend…Float on! 
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  • 30 ACRES – Zoned Agricultural – Farm in Eugene, Oregon
  • 5 Acres including greenhouses, infrastructure, and automation valued at $1,000,000
  • 25 Acres of raw organic farmland valued at $500,000
  • Outdoor Grow includes: 12 rows of Hugelkulture Beds (435ft long)
  • Indoor Grow includes: 3 Greenhouses (2 Flower Houses and 1 Vegetative House)
  • 4,000sf greenhouse flower canopy
  • Irrigation with automation
  • Tractor: $35,000 value
  • Nutrients on site – $20,000 Value
  • Output capacity: 700lbs/yr of just Greenhouse output
  • Living Soil products are in high demand, market value: $1,000-$1,5000/lbs and have seen upwards of $2,000 for educated buyers
  • Revenue Projections for greenhouse only: $1.5mm/yr with a light dep system installed.
  • Production Projections for outdoor cultivation is 1400 lbs. on the conservative side.
  • Product Branding

TORCH RIVER Branding (also available):

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