The holidays are coming on fast and we’re well into the time of year when the giving spirit fills our hearts. As you make your list and check it twice, you may be considering cannabis as a gift. Maybe you’re shopping for that friend who’s constantly looking to relax or for a parent who’s just come out of the cannabis closet. Perhaps you have a friend who’s so into weed that you don’t even know where to begin. We’ve got you covered on all fronts.

While cannabis makes the perfect gift for your enhancement-loving cohorts, with all of the new products, their various forms, and the information out there, your basic baggie of Sour D just might not cut it. Knowing what to get your loved ones outside of the basic eighth, however, can be tough. You need to consider each individual you’re buying for. What’s their level of cannabis knowledge? What’s their tolerance? What do they enjoy in life?

Weedmaps News has broken down over two dozen product guides that will lead you on your gift-giving journey. Your thoughtfulness will shine through, as we’ve outlined the best of the best cannabis products from must-haves to tech, edibles to put your partner in the mood, to the perfect presents for parents. We draft out everything you need to know to make the best cannabis gifting decisions possible.

It’s the little things (like prerolls and rolling papers)

We all know that sometimes it’s the little things in life that make it all the better. And most cannabis consumers love a good joint. It’s simple, but it’s the perfect delivery method for many. For an affordable gift that’s just right for anyone from the newbie to the lifestyler, check out these preroll joint packs that are head and shoulders above the rest.

Just looking for a small something, a stocking stuffer, perhaps? Here are the best rolling papers for joints, vetted by Weedmaps. 

Shopping for an enthusiast? These are the must-haves

There are indeed weed essentials out there in the ether. Luckily for you, we’ve plucked them from mystery and put them out for your consideration. These are the products that a cannabis lover absolutely needs in their life. 

For example, you likely have a millennial on your list who’s doing their best to break even, and also doing their best to stay mellow. Maybe you need to save a little dough yourself. Somewhere within these nine affordable, yet innovative, cannabis products lies your answer.

Looking for a more traditional present, but you still want the WOW factor? Here are the eighths of cannabis flower that are pretty much worth their weight in gold for how good they get ya. While the eighths are thoughtful in and of themselves, what better present pairing than to give the gift of utility. These bongs break the mold and give the perfect snap-through.

Is your loved one an edible fan? Someone who takes gummies on the weekend and rolls into the party high af? Then surprise them this year with a delicious cannabis drink. Drinkables are the new edibles in the world of weed and these bevies will show your savvy. (Some of them are CBD drinks, so make sure you know your audience and especially your product.)

Did somebody say CBD?

Health and wellness are so important for peace of mind and general life enjoyment. CBD has hit the mainstream hard in the last few years and created demand from people who may otherwise not dabble in cannabis. There are many nuances to CBD, however, from the ratio of CBD to THC in a product to where the CBD is sourced. Luckily, we have five guides that each cater to a specific need.

If you’re new to CBD yourself, start with learning the differences between CBD vape oil, full-spectrum CBD, and ratioed tinctures. You may find the perfect product to give or you may just be able to make a better-informed decision between the best CBD gummies for pain, anxiety, and sleep or the best CBD oil for the same set of concerns.

Other popular methods of CBD consumption to consider include vape pens and topicals. Vape pens administer metered inhales of CBD oil that is often meant to soothe the nerves, these CBD vape pens are the best of the best. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory as well, however, and if you or a loved one are experiencing joint pain or swelling, arthritis, minor skin conditions, or the like, these topical CBD creams can be lifesavers.

Cannabis gifts that spark romance

If it’s your lover, lifer, partner-in-crime, or favorite late-night delight who you’re shopping for, this is the section for you. Our Valentine’s gift guide for stoners is relevant all year long and has some of the steamiest, most caring products just for your sweetie.

Perhaps there’s a lovely lady in your life who could use a thoughtful gift. These eight cannabis brands are not only made for women, but they’re also made by women. You just can’t go wrong giving the powerful, stoner woman in your life something unique from this guide.

When cannabis is a lifestyle, these gifts hit

Weed can certainly be more than a way to unwind at the end of the day, it can be anything to anyone from the master microdoser to the true wake-and-baker. If the person you’re shopping for speaks cannabis jargon with ease and is constantly up on the politics of pot, you’ve reached your section. Start here if you’re looking for insider goodies at a dope price.

Getting high on cannabis is full of nuance. No matter the level of experience one has with the plant, each plant will affect each person a little differently. It’s all in the chemical makeup of the plant and our bodies. Science shows that terpenes can enhance a high. These terpene-infused products will delight anyone living la vida cannabis.

Drilling deeper into the stoner lifestyle, you find sweet weed apparel and streetwear brands that delve into the fashion sense of the cannabis aficionado. On the softer side, this guide takes you through CBD beauty routines that aren’t just great for the skin but are easy on the wallet.

Impress the true stoner in your life

There’s living that high life and there’s deep canna-involvement. We all have that person who knows everything there is to know about weed. From its deep-rooted history to its current status on various political stages, they’ve got it all down pat. So, if you’re going to get them something, you’re going to need to think outside the box. Our 4/20 buyers guide is the perfect place to start shopping for the person who does and knows it all.

For the tech-savvy weed consumer, these must-have high tech products have all the excitement factor needed to geek out on. If your favorite stoner is more mechanical than techy, however, check out these tools of the trade in glass and paper. Maybe the person you’re shopping for is a cannabis fashionista. In that case, our stay fitted apparel and accessories gift guide is where to start.

The family that tokes together…

We all know Mom and Dad used to smoke back in the day (whether they admit it or not), but now they’re looking for a different cannabis experience. From parents to aunts and uncles to grandparents, here are the products for the ladies and for the gents that will go over best this holiday season.

No matter who you’re shopping for or what you land on, it’s the thought that counts and the time you’ve put into your research are going to light up the gift-giving sesh. Enjoy the festivities, whatever you do or buy, and happy holidaze from your Weedmaps crew!

Feature image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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