Over the past few years, CBD has been hailed as something of a cure-all: no matter what the ailment or issue, there’s some company out there purporting to solve it with CBD. From health to beauty, new CBD businesses and products keep cropping up, some of them amusingly niche. But do these products actually serve a purpose, or are they simply exploiting a trend? 

We asked experts for their take on the strangest, most obscure CBD products currently on the market. Here’s what they said. 

Nails Inc Just Kinda Bliss Nail Polish Duo

This nail polish is infused with sativa seed oil, which contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. But for CBD to strengthen and shine your nails, you’d have to ingest it, says Nicco Reggente, PhD, neuroscientist and CEO of Strain Genie. “Applying it topically on the nail where there are no CB receptors will most likely not benefit from CBD, although the fats it is mixed with should help. But then….why add CBD?”

The only time CBD may be helpful in nail polish is if your nails are irritated or inflamed, says CBD expert Roberta DeLuca, MD. In that case, the CBD might help alleviate the discomfort.

Makeup Revolution Flawless Chilled Eyeshadow Palette

These powder eyeshadows are infused with sativa seed oil — and the CBD ingredient is probably just about as purposeless here. Since CBD reduces the amount of sebum your skin produces, putting it on your face could help prevent acne, says Reggente — but people don’t usually get acne on their eyelids. The one thing it might help do is reduce swelling around the eyes since it’s anti-inflammatory. 

CBD Daily CBD Conditioner

Reggente notes that the 10 milligrams of CBD hemp oil in this conditioner could actually be helpful on the scalp since CBD improves skin health by combatting free radicals. The hair, however, doesn’t have CB receptors, so it’d be hard for the CBD to affect it directly.

Pure Kana Lemon Lime Pure CBD Toothpicks

Each of these toothpicks contains 25 milligrams of CBD, which the company claims will provide “up to 50 minutes of oral CBD release.” Since CBD can be absorbed through the mouth, toothpicks could be one method to administer it, says Reggente, but you probably wouldn’t be able to extract all the CBD from these just by picking your teeth with them. They may, however, calm your gums if you’re experiencing gingivitis, says DeLuca. 

Brookstone CBD Oil-Infused Bed Pillow

This memory foam pillow is infused with CBD oil … and it’s probably not doing much. “While  you could technically absorb CBD transdermally from a material, it’s really silly. A lot of the CBD will remain in the pillow and be unable to make its way into your body and skin,” says Reggente, “leaving CBD out allows for it to degrade and lose potency.” Not to mention, most of the CBD would likely be washed away in the washing machine. 

Joy Organics CBD Face Mask

The phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil in this face mask might actually serve a purpose. “The face mask makes sense for helping to ease irritation and diminish the appearance of scars,” offers Reggente. “Antioxidants work to increase cell turnover and help skin heal more quickly.”

Deluca adds that “CBD can relieve pain and anxiety and combat aging by protecting the skin from pollution and stress.” 

Foria Awaken Natural Arousal Oil With CBD & Botanicals

A lot of people swear by cannabis as a sex enhancer, so of course, companies are capitalizing on this trend by making CBD lube. There isn’t enough research yet to support its effectiveness for this purpose, but Reggente says it’s feasible that it could work. 

“The oil part would be for lubrication, but the anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of CBD and the other terpenes found in the oil could be quite good for preventing infections,” he explains. “As for pleasure, it could potentially play a role in increasing sensitivity.” And since CBD is a muscle relaxant, CBD lube could help loosen up the pelvic floor, preventing pain during sex, says DeLuca. 

Felix & Ambrosia Bugger Off CBD Hand Sanitizer

CBD’s antibacterial properties could give the hypoallergenic CBD isolate in this product some function, but it’s quite possible the ethyl alcohol would degrade it, says Reggente. Plus, with only 25 milligrams of CBD in the whole bottle, it’s unlikely that the amount in just one pump would make a big difference. 

Acabada CBD-Infused Activewear

Acabada’s Highlife Collection includes CBD-infused shorts, sports bras and other workout gear on the premise that it’ll make exercise more comfortable. CBD can help sore muscles recover from a workout, says Reggente, but you’re better off just applying it topically as a cream. “This is a silly marketing gimmick in my opinion.” Plus, the fabric treatment applied during manufacturing makes the product expensive, DeLuca points out. 

Royal Heritage Home CBD-Infused Bedsheets and Pet Beds

Royal Heritage recently launched CBD-infused sheet sets as well as dog and cat beds with removable CBD-infused covers. The company claims that these could help with issues like insomnia, stress, and pain. But as with the pillows, it’s unlikely that these would deliver very much CBD into your system, says Reggente, especially after you wash them. Either way, they’re difficult to find online.

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