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Find The Best Cannabis Franchise With A Trusted Advisor At No Cost To You: Terri McFarland

Find The Best Cannabis Franchise With A Trusted Advisor At No Cost To You: Terri McFarland

Terri McFarland has a 25-year successful track record in real estate, corporate and business development, technical management, and finance. In addition to having her Texas Real Estate Salesperson License, she sold multiple iconic emerging developments globally while living in Dubai, UAE. Terri has always been entrepreneurially driven paying careful and professional attention to the evaluation of her businesses and any real estate involved, marketing, negotiation, due diligence, document preparation, and closing.

Her results involve planning and developing a clear strategy with steps showing execution and oversight, all the while priding herself upon being responsive, reliable, and always trustworthy. She is passionate about her role as a Cannabis Business Broker, assisting buyers interested in the cannabis business. Her clients receive the proper service and expertise needed to accomplish a transaction in a rapidly changing and complex industry.

Terri has access to all the right professionals in order to provide you with a full solution. She will coordinate all of the elements required, so the execution of your experience is seamless. She will help you achieve your goals whether it's to build your legacy, leave a nest egg for your children, or donate to charity; and ultimately simplify your life.

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