From city dwellers to mountain explorers, Washington State caters to almost every type of enthusiast. And not only are the views breathtaking in every direction, so is the weed.

One of the first states to legalize recreational cannabis use in 2012 (along with Colorado), Washington’s weed companies have experienced a boom that has skyrocketed to astronomical levels. The competition for growing operations remains fierce, yet gives consumers a wide variety of products, strains, and state-of-the-art cannabis tech right at our fingertips.

But if you’re a flower lover through and through, then Washington’s weed won’t disappoint — especially if you’re looking to bulk up your stash. Eighths are both convenient and financially sound since they tend to offer more bud for a fairer price than individual grams.

So the next time you’re checking menus, save a little cash and look for these stoney picks from the Evergreen State.

Freddy’s Fuego | Tropic Truffle 

Washington stoners love Freddy’s Fuego for it’s consistency and powerhouse strains. If you haven’t tried it, Tropic Truffle is the perfect introduction to the brand. This cross between Tropicana Cookies and Mint Chocolate Chip delivers a dessert-like taste for those with a sweet tooth while offering an uplifting euphoria that’ll brighten your whole day.

Falcanna | Dutch Haze 

A cross between Silver Haze and Dutch Treat, Dutch Haze has been one of Falcanna’s flagship strains for over eight years. And for good reason: this buzzy eighth delivers a heavy punch, mostly beloved by long-time tokers and serious enthusiasts with a gassy finish once smoked. It’s the perfect addition to a stash composed of energizing strains and uplifting bud.

SUBX | Ice Cream Cake

You see the name, you know what to expect: Ice Cream Cake tastes and smells like vanilla birthday cake icing. If that’s not enticing, then knowing that it’s that perfect Cookies-type high that’ll have you stoned, absent-minded, and carefree might. This is one of the premier eighths being offered by Subdued Excitement (SUBX) who have absolutely mastered the art of preserving trichomes on perfectly grown weed. 

If you come across an eighth of Ice Cream Cake from SUBX, grab it immediately because I promise it will fly off of the shelves.

Fifty Fold | Black Cherry Punch

Fifty Fold is straight up one of the best growers in Washington. Their Presidential Kush? Fire. Their Grape Vine? Fire. And their Black Cherry Punch? One of the best eighths cash can buy. BCP crosses Black Cherry Pie with Purple Punch, and as you can imagine, the result is a beautiful bud with red and purple hues that gives off a complex mix of sweet, fruity, and earthy aromas.

Grab this eighth if you’re looking for a tasty flower with a smooth and manageable head buzz. It’s the perfect smoke for around 2 p.m. when you need a little boost in morale to finish out the day on a … wait for it … high note.

Double Dutch Farms | Strawberry Banana

Slow-cured for a month and hand manicured before packaging, Double Dutch Farms offers care in every eighth. And as one of the few sungrown farms in the state, Double Dutch not only caters to your cannabis pallet, they also cater to the environment by using living organic soils and minimal to no pesticides.

So if you’re feeling the need to relax and unwind with a tasty joint — and want something a bit healthier for the world around you — roll up their tantalizing Strawberry Banana before calling it a night.

Aurum Farms | Grape Bubba

Grape Bubba is one of the latest offerings from Aurum Farms out in Washington. It’s a cross of Purple Urkle and Bubba Kush that produces a strong grapey scent, and an even stronger hashy flavor. All my Grapeheads out there, my people that stan for a nice Grape Ape or Granddaddy Purple, this is the one. It’ll have you feeling loose and relaxed as the high puts you in a stoney feelgood haze for hours.

Aurum Farms is one of the most consistent producers of high-quality eighths, so if you find some Grape Bubba, treat yourself. And if you can’t find it, their Kosher Kush or Tropicana Cookies eights are just as impressive.

By Hannah Meadows and Dante Jordan

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