Recreational magic truffle producer Red Light Holland has launched its first retail product, announcing last week that sales of the company’s iMicrodose magic truffle microdosing kits have begun in the Netherlands. Red Light Holland describes the new product on its e-commerce website as a “a non-synthetic premium truffle microdosing kit to promote responsible use.”

The 15-gram kit of fresh, premium psilocybin truffles is available only in the Netherlands from retail stores and online. Like their culinary cousins, magic truffles are underground clumps of fungi that send up mushrooms under the right conditions. Red Light Holland announced in May that the company had been listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange with the goal of bringing magic truffles to the Netherlands retail market.

Courtesy of Red Light Holland

Magic Truffles For Health And Wellness

Red Light Holland is headed by CEO and former radio and SiriusXM shock jock Todd Shapiro, who combined his passion for capital markets and contacts he’s made in the media industry to launch the firm. Although he had experimented with psilocybin mushrooms sporadically in college, Shapiro is quick to admit that he is not a pioneer or longtime advocate in the field of psychedelics. But when a suicide in his family left him in emotional distress, he began to look at magic mushrooms in a new way.

“I started to think about how I can try to make a difference in this world beyond my radio show,” Shapiro told High Times this spring.

In a press release announcing the beginning of sales of the iMicrodose Packs, Shapiro said that the launch fulfilled a commitment he made earlier this year.

“We are so proud. Our small team, including our president Hans Derix, have all worked extremely hard to get us to this momentous day for the company,” Shapiro said. “Seriously, this is truly a magical day. On May 28th, I went on record saying Red Light Holland would aim to have product on shelves by the end of Q3, 2020. We have delivered and achieved that goal.”

While the company planned to celebrate meeting its goal, Shapiro noted that “we recognize it’s just an initial step in our overall business plan and ultimate growth strategy in both building a responsible use recreational brand while continuing to develop our Science and Innovation division.”

Red Light Holland Launches Magic Truffle Retail Sales
Courtesy of Red Light Holland

Virtual Reality Psychedelic Experience Guides Shoppers

Red Light Holland has even given a psychedelic enhancement to the experience of shopping for magic truffles. In July, the company announced that Delaware virtual reality company RadixMotion had been engaged to design and develop a VR shopping experience module intended to explain the effects of microdosing of magic truffles on the human brain.

Shapiro said that the virtual reality experience helps further the company’s mission educate its customers and shareholders about magic truffles.

“Imagine shopping for something new – but wanting to truly experience it before purchasing? Pretty cool idea, right? What we are aiming to create here is a virtual reality experience that potential consumers can use before buying our Microdose Packs,” he explained. “This way, they can experience what the effects of microdosing magic truffles would be like, to help with their personal comfort and understanding before actually purchasing our product!”

Single iMicrodose Packs magic truffle microdosing kits are available in the Netherlands for €25. With a subscription of three or six months, the price is reduced to €24 and €23 per kit, respectively.

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