Podcast: Cannabis10x – Interviews With Fastest Growing Cannabis Brands

Cannabis Industry Growth Series
Hear directly from founders and CEO’s of some of the most recognized and publicly traded brands as we explore business opportunities in the burgeoning, post-prohibition cannabis industry.
Spiritleaf Cannabis Franchise

Spiritleaf Cannabis Franchise Reveals 3 Biggest Challenges To A Successful Dispensary. Founder, Darren Bondar (Publicly Traded: INSHF)

I’m Jason Tropf and in this episode I interviewed the founder of the first cannabis company to be accepted into the Canadian Franchise Association shares his insights on licensing, retail dispensary challenges and how they’ve been able to overcome them. Very exciting interview…

Cannabis Dispensary Franchise Explains How To Acquire A Cash Flowing Dispensary: ONE Cannabis, VP Franchise Development, Justin Livingston

I’m Jason Tropf and in this episode, me and the VP of Franchise Development for ONE Cannabis shoot the breeze over how they became the first US based cannabis franchisor! How awesome is that? New industry, real pioneers, giving away their actual cannabis dispensary business blueprint to you.

cannabis business strategy

Navigating Multi-State Cannabis Dispensary Locations Advice From BAM Marijuana Founder, Robert Hasman

I’m Jason Tropf and in this episode I interviewed the Founder of BAM Cannabis, Mike Mills. BAM stands for Body And Mind and that’s exactly what their award winning medical cannabis strains offer. Some have just the right body benefits. Some have just the right mind benefits. In this interview, Mike shares insights for those considering a retail cannabis dispensary including an offer to use their private label products as your own brand.

CBD Brand Ambassador Strategy Interview With MedTerra CBD, Founder: Jay Hartenbach

I’m Jason Tropf and in this episode I got to chat with Jay Hartenbach, Founder of MedTerra CBD! His brand has become one of the most recognized brands in CBD. Jay tells us how they broke away from the competition by hosting a private professional athlete training facility that turns athletes into brand ambassadors. Learn as he shares insights on hot business opportunities in the burgeoning post-prohibition CBD industry!