Hemp grown on one of the oldest certified organic farms in the country has a lot of appeal in marketing to the conscious consumer. As it is well known that hemp pulls up chemicals from deep in the soil.

Also to extractors, as they know they won’t have to spend time pulling heavy metals and such out of the product.

This Farm has been certified organic for about 25 years. 

Has 250+ acres of endless water rights from the cleanest river, the North Fork of the John Day.

Rule enough to have no worries about cross-pollination.

The arid climate along with endless water makes for the perfect hemp growing conditions.

Azure Farm successfully grew about 18 acres of high CBD hemp on the farm in 2019. 

The soil is really good. Our organic certification inspector said the crop was the best-looking crop he had seen all year! No mold issues on this farm, even though the rest of Oregon was decimated in 2019.

Plenty of out buildings, and equipment.

Partially renovated home.

Irrigation equipment.

Farm is too far from our main farm to give it the love it deserves.

Please give us your best offer!

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