New Jersey Legal Rec Weed Investment

NJ Legal Rec Weed Seeking Partners & Investors

New Jersey adult-use Cannabis, Class 5 Retail, dispensary with delivery operations in the Borough of Washington, NJ. Investors will receive an aggregate amount of 49% of the Company’s net profit*.

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“The New Jersey cannabis market is on its way to becoming a billion-dollar industry. From July 2022 through June 2023, New Jersey dispensaries sold more than $734 million in cannabis products, according to statistics from the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission. The vast majority of sales came from recreational marijuana customers, who spent over $555 million”Asbury Park Press Nov. 2023

➣ Speed to Market: Join a license holder with location in an efficient downtown storefront with a minimal construction project ready to enter the market as quickly as possible. 

➣ Location: Washington Borough is a limited-licensing opportunity where our team has spent months performing diligence, speaking with civic leadership, and positioning our plan for success at an upcoming Borough Council and Land Use Board meeting.

➣ Limited License Means Limited Competition: The Borough of Washington in Warren County is one of the only municipalities in the region to “opt-in” for cannabis dispensaries – this means your store is one of the only stores legally allowed to sell recreational cannabis to the general public and capture the majority of the revenue for this county’s growing consumer base.

➣ First Mover Advantage:  As of June 27, 2023, there are 38 dispensaries open in the state of New Jersey. Of these, 13 are exclusively for medical cannabis patients.


➣ This encourages projections for delivery throughout Hunterdon and Warren counties

➣ The municipality is small and mostly contains a downtown area where our proposed location has access to a large free public parking lot and neighboring commercial businesses to attract attention.

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New Jersey Recreational Dispensary

➣ NJLRW operates on four pillars for success; Diversity and Social Equity, Opposing Unsafe Drug Use, Accessibility to Consumers, and Collaboration with Local Communities. NJLRW’s goal is to create a safe and culturally responsive atmosphere for customers to meet their cannabis needs.

➣ This approach has engendered our team to the municipality and positioned our lead executive, Ruben Moreno, as an example of New Jersey’s focus on priority for diverse entrepreneurs and new entrants to the cannabis industry.

➣ Ruben is a beloved school teacher who has dedicated the past few years to building NJLRW from the ground up. He has hired a team of top professional service providers to best-triangulate accurate answers about the municipal process. 


NJ Market Overview

➣ Total number of dispensaries serving adult use patients in NJ is about 60. 

➣ New Jersey is on-track to surpass $1B per year in annual sales with steadily increasing monthly sales for most active dispensaries.

  Q2 2023: $193,088,808 in sales across the state

➣ ~$3mm per quarter for active dispensaries, but location and competition are vital for accurate projections into the future.

➣ New Jersey consumers are adopting legal cannabis at an unprecedented rate as retail hemp and the underground market begin to be phased out.

NJ operators are unable to scale or even open their doors to meet market demands because of a lack of infrastructure supporting cannabis licensees. Challenges faced by NJ Cannabis Small Business Operators hinder the build out of a necessary infrastructure which in turn hinders NJ operators from scaling or even starting their businesses. NJLRW collaborates with existing and exciting upcoming companies in order to build out the infrastructure required for NJ Operators to meet demands.


Strategic Advantage 1: Location

➣ TerrAscend/Apothecarium:[orange arrow in map] 20 min/13 miles from NJLRW.

➣ Aunt Mary’s: [green arrow in map]30 min/22 miles from NJLRW.

➣ Hackettstown Dispensary:[green arrow in map] 14 min/10.4 miles from NJLRW. Operational as of 11/2023.

➣ Dank Poet Dispensary: [blue arrow in map]1 min/0.5 miles from NJLRW. Not yet operational, ~ 6 months away. Currently a conditional micro license.

➣ High Street Dispensary:[purple arrow in map] 20 min/12 miles from NJLRW. Not licensed.

Strategic Advantage 2: Delivery

NJLRW will commence operations with (2) KIA EV9’s. Why this make and model? Space, range, reliability. Currently no competitors offer delivery.


Delivery Fleet Launch

NJLRW will launch with delivery as a marketing strategic advantage which will include in its first day of grand opening with (2) KIA EV9’s.

➣ Estimated range 304 miles w/99.8 kWh battery

➣ 6-passenger seating w/2nd-row captians chairs

➣ 201 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque Rear Electric Drive Motor 

➣ HomeLink Garage Opender


Year 1-6 Investor Returns

Year 1-6 Explanation for Investors The model demonstrates a range of revenues along with the respective net profits (EARNINGS AFTER TAXES). The average basket price/customer was set to $119, per current market trend in NJ.

➣ FY 2024: Demonstrates that an average daily traffic of 139 customers will make the 1st year profitable. 


➣ FY 2025: Demonstrates a resilient response to an average daily traffic of 100 customers (99.6% break-even revenue).


FY 2026: Demonstrates an average daily traffic of 200 customers. This modest projection shows profitability and capability to make significant repayment to investor. 


FY 2027: Demonstrates an average daily traffic of 300 customers. This projection is in-line with the current dispensary average. We show robust cash flow and about 80% ROI within 12 months. 


FY 2028: Demonstrates an average daily traffic of 400 customers. Ambitious yet achievable (117% ROI).


FY 2029: Demonstrates an average daily traffic of 500 customers (157% ROI). Possible with delivery fleet!! 


Ruben Moreno, Founder

Ruben Moreno, as an example of New Jersey’s focus on priority for diverse entrepreneurs and new entrants to the cannabis industry.

Applicants’ resumes and executed Letters of Intent to Hire are available to view upon request.

General Manager: MBA specialized in Business Analytics and 5+ years of operational leadership experience. Significantly improving cash flow. Proven track record in managing complex operations, ensuring regulatory compliance, and delivering white glove customer service.  2016 Fulbright Grant to Belgium; served in AmeriCorps, leading initiatives for national service, community development, and more.

Assistant Managers: Cumulative experience of 16 years of cannabis cultivation, 2 years of NJ cannabis instructor/curriculum writing, 2 business majors, and more.

Inventory Managers: Cumulative experience of cannabis dispensary Supervisor 1 year, Dispensary Technician 1 year. 5 years armored truck security operations Supervisor. Great track records of productivity, integrity, charisma, and team spirit. 

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