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Cannabis10X Introduces the National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services to Serious Investors Seeking to Diversify Cannabis Portfolios

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No one ever mitigated an ounce of risk by purchasing an insurance policy. Our team provides resources to help prevent and mitigate costly fines, penalties, and business setbacks. ”

— Rocco Petrilli (Founder)



Cannabis10X offers investors yet another avenue to diversify cannabis portfolios. Cannabis10X, founded by Jason Tropf and Holly A Ford, creates wealth for clients in the cannabis industry via Franchising, Investments and M&A. Ford explains. “We diversify our clients investments with high revenue dispensaries in limited license states for short-term gain, add one or more franchises in different areas of the supply chain for longer, steady returns, and finally add ancillary business such as risk management to balance out the portfolio.”

National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services (NCRPS) is chaired by Rocco Petrilli,
who led the company to the coveted position as the only dedicated effective cannabis risk management association in the Americas.

NCRPS is a leader in the industry having developed proprietary dynamic risk assessments that assist operators in identifying and mitigating risks forthcoming. Together with operators, NCRPS creates customized solutions. These complex solutions have won national recognition and multiple awards. NCRPS also features 15 service partners who participate actively in the active custom risk mitigation process following the assessment.

“We often see individuals, groups and entities that enter the cannabis space without the education to protect their interests. NCRPS is the best solution,” stated Tropf.

NCRPS is an industry leader in cannabis risk management education. Their programs illuminate important areas of concern in: Cannabis Occupational Safety & Health, Cannabis Product Safety, Cannabis Talent Optimization, Cannabis Finance, Cannabis Compliance, Medical Cannabis and Cannabis Risk Management. NCRPS’s portfolio of services targets the cannabis banking, capital, and insurance markets as well as direct to the cannabis vertical.


“There is a plethora of insurance professionals who inaccurately call themselves risk managers,” stated Petrilli. “This is confusing the cannabis industry. No one ever mitigated an ounce of risk by purchasing an insurance policy. Our team of experienced cannabis risk managers provides resources to help identify the controls and processes necessary to help prevent and mitigate costly fines, penalties, and business setbacks.”

Petrilli also championed the startup insurance captive management company that offers the TRICHOME branded products and still serves on the Board of Directors of that concern. He emphasizes the multitude of benefits in employing effective risk management strategies; “Effective risk management is not only a process that reduces cost. It creates culture, discipline, and accountability traits that successful companies possess. Successful companies create successful markets with best of class market leaders who continually raise the bar.”

“Product quality recalls, frequent instances of compliance violations, increased worker injuries, and of course, the lack of bankruptcy protections, leave businesses vulnerable. By adding risk management for our clients, we add a protective dimension to their portfolios,” states Ford.

The critical assembly of seasoned and proven management., a well sculpted business plan and an execution mentality transcends NCRPS outside of the boundaries normally faced by a startup company. NCRPS possesses over 270 years of cumulative risk management experience This team employs several aspects of the theory of Forced Multipliers to execute productively across all inter-related businesses which allows proportionate sharing of resources with optimum cost and performance outcomes.

“Adding risk management to your portfolio is a ‘risk free’ investment considering the lack of banking protection coupled with the ever-increasing oversight of the industry,” emphasizes Tropf.

About Cannabis10x
Cannabis10X and 
10XFranchising were founded by Jason Tropf and Holly A Ford, the team that created an industry within an industry; Cannabis Franchising. Cannabis10X has a wealth of experience with a legal team headed by a multiple award-winning franchise attorney and operational experts that built iconic brands such as Sbarro’s, Five Guys and 7-11. 10X created an influential legal team to facilitate license sales and acquisitions and an exclusive in-house, cannabis-trained team of franchise brokers. 10X has worked with celebrities such as Cheech Marin and the quintessential Bruce Linton along with a host of billion-dollar funds on Capital Raises.



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