Native Harvest #1 Cannabis Franchise

Become a Cannabis Franchise Retailer In a Multi-Billion Dollar, High Growth Industry. 

Own an Award Winning Cannabis Franchise


#1 “Best of Weedmaps – 2 Years In A Row! 
You Start Out With Upscale Design & Branding Appeal.  Your 1st Place Awards Line The Wall. Your Location Is Carefully Selected For Ideal Clientele. Your Branding And  Marketing Position You For The Top Performing Dispensary In Your Territory. This Is  Built For The Digital Age With Proprietary Software To Manage Core Business Processes That Keeps You 100% Legally Compliant.  You Start Out Correctly With Everything From Best Selling Products, Top Notch Security, Logistics, Banking Connections, Licensing & Real Estate Handed To You…

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Competitive Advantage

Whether you’re brand new to the industry or currently running an established operation, you will launch a strong cannabis business with a growth strategy that allows you to Build with a strong exit In mind. 

Grow Faster, Stronger & Sell It For Higher Multiples With This Powerhouse Brand.

You Immediately Start With Everything You Need From Licensing to Connections In Banking, Logistics, Locations, Security, Compliance, Accounting. Everything Required For Success.

This Company Is The Source Of The Best Cannabis In The World With Exclusive Expertise For Their Franchisees.

Proven Business Model – Years Of Legal Cannabis Expertise.


Native Harvest Highlights:

Native Harvest is a group of Oklahomans that want to bring you the highest quality of cannabis products.  We take pride in every seed popping all the way to every flower consumed.  We pay attention to the details, growing every plant in live soil with no pesticides or metals.  The small things are what makes the Native Harvest difference.





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