Now that Mississippi has officially joined the ranks of U.S. states legally allowing medical cannabis, the next step is more cannabis legislation, as well as a thriving cannabis industry, so the state needs to be prepared. In order to help provide services for those next steps, Mississippi now has an official cannabis trade association. 

The Mississippi Cannabis Trade Association (MSCTA) will help educate the state about cannabis, provide a legal resource on the subject, and support members who join from the industry looking for resources and connections. In addition to plant-touching businesses, often considered the heart of the industry, the MSCTA will offer support to businesses in related industries such as retail, cultivation, manufacturing, delivery, distribution, testing, insurance, and packaging. 

According to the organization’s website, the MSCTA was founded “to promote the growth of a responsible and legitimate cannabis industry and work for a favorable social, economic, and legal environment for our industry in the state of Mississippi.”

“MSCTA was founded to unite the legal cannabis industry to help educate and act as a resource to lawmakers, regulatory bodies, and our members. As the industry’s most influential state trade association, MSCTA works everyday to ensure our budding business sector is represented in a professional and coordinated manner at the state level.”

Medical Marijuana in Mississippi

Mississippi passed legal, medical cannabis in November, and the industry is looking to be up and running by August of next year. When they do, there is expected to be a lot of interest in getting approved for medical cannabis prescriptions and getting into the business side from the ground up.

“Over 73% of voters in the state decided that a Medical Marijuana program would be beneficial,” said MSCTA President Nate McHardy.” We are happy that the state will adhere to the will of the people, and implement a program that will help revolutionize the health of our citizens and economy here.”

Like other trade associations, MSCTA will help the industry communicate with the government to create a successful and ethical industry. It will also publish news for the industry, distribute cannabis information and resources to industry insiders, and spread the word about meaningful business developments and other major political news in the industry. Members of the association will have access to the information, as well as access to the support that MSCTA will provide.

“We are excited to work with MSCTA,” says Clint Patterson, CEO of Mockingbird Cannabis LLC, a cannabis business in the state. “Because of their commitment to advocacy and education on the new cannabis industry in Mississippi.”

“The MSCTA will also work to facilitate collaborative efforts between community members and cannabis and non-cannabis businesses to develop new industry relationships, create opportunities for economic progression, and facilitate a cooperative work environment within the Cannabis industry for the benefit of Mississippi,” the MSCTA website continues. 

The industry in Mississippi is not yet off the ground, but already, the MSCTA is in place to help make sure that medical cannabis legalization goes smoothly, and that cannabis is a success in the newly legal state.