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Los Canna - Las Vegas Cannabis Investment

With cannabis brands known as the ‘Michael Jordan of weed’, M.D. led group Los Canna, is set to enter Nevada with a strategic advantage.  Investors, this is your chance to enter one of the most lucrative cannabis markets: Las Vegas.

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Los Canna Hightlights:

Los Canna Global recently closed on a $2,000,000 loan to complete construction of the Xtreme Cube modular cannabis lab and cultivation center set to open in Las Vegas, Nevada. This state-of-art, medical grade facility is nearly 15,000 square-feet and designed to maximize revenue generation with high efficiency labs that work synergistically to manufacture products without waste. The lab was designed for future federal regulation and built with FDA and good manufacturing practices (GMP) requirements in mind. This one-of-a-kind facility will not only serve as a contract manufacturer for many of the largest brands in cannabis, but it will also set the standards for technology and compliance in the industry.


Project Summary: To date, the team has obtained approximately $10,000,000 in funds via equity shareholders or loans. This money has been used to acquire and maintain the cannabis licenses, build the lab/cultivation facility, and business operations. The facility is built by Xtreme Cubes out of Henderson, NV. It has been designed such that we can add on to the project in a modular fashion. A simple breakdown is shown in the Table below.



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