Bay Hemp Supply became the first licenced industrial hemp manufacturing company licenced by a municipality in California May 2018. This unique licence comes grandfathered into Pittsburg California. The most unique feature is the two year moratorium preventing other hemp companies from forming in Pittsburg California. Our lease to the retail/manufacturing facility is valid for two more years. Once this moratorium is lifted other future hemp companies will have strict guidelines on where they can operate. In addition our [f2] classified building can be rezoned to heavy manufacturing for extractions. 

Bay Hemp Supply is zoned for custom manufacturing and our licence can be extended to a much larger facility for heavy manufacturing.  In addition our location at 270 E. 10th St. Pittsburg, CA is a retail store. The current zoning allows for a bakery, restraunt, catering service, etc provided AB 228 opens up CBD food and beverage. BHS is working closely with the Contra Costa Health Department to become the first to open a CBD cafe in Contra Costa County. 

BHS specializes in several cosmetics like massage oils, lotions, salves, sticks, and even smokables. Our retail has been open for less than 3 months and we are averaging around 3k monthly with no advertising. BHS is a mom and pop shop woman owned and operated. This is very ideal for a corporation that wants to do manufacturing on a national scale or start a chain of retail locations throughout the Bay. Having this licence has helped us to cut out the distributors and manufacture most products sold. This has left the most margin of profit.

We wish to sale this company because it’s extremely tough with two people running everything.  We are literally admin, manufacturing, distribution, retail, warehouse, shipping, etc. Add two children to the list and we are very busy! We built this company for over a year now and have put in thousands of hours of sweet equity. We are more than happy to stay on with the right partnership. Other than that we have our sight set on cultivation.  

Feel free to stop in and check us out. Schedule an appointment for a walkthrough. Check out our 5 star reviews on google and yelp and look for our ecommerce launch soon! God Bless at Hemp Speed!


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