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Boost your revenue by attracting daily repeat visits. The ideal attraction to get repeat customers coming back to your store daily is to put a tasty psychoactive Slushie Machine in your Store. Submit your order for delicious Kentucky Slushies. Perfect for CBD Dispensaries, lounges, kava cafes, kratom cafes, and convenient retailers. Each Kentucky Slushie contains 25mg delta 9. In other words, each Kentucky Slushie packs a punch, a psychoactive effect similar to taking two 10mg gummies in each Kentucky Slushie. Repeat orders and upsells in your store that can be bundled with each purchase!

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1. Choose Favorite Flavors

“There is no single attraction better to keep customers coming back into your store daily than a good Slushie” – Founder, Kentucky Slushie

When you order Kentucky Slushie, customers come back into your establishment repeatedly to enjoy the sensational pleasure of quenching thirst with flavor bursting experience of mental journey through Delta-9 THC. Choose your favorite samples below and they will be shipped to all qualified vendors free of charge. All order have 100% markup retail. Each drink sells for $15 suggested retail and costs only $7. A wonderful profit center and attraction to keep customers coming back to buy more of your inventory.

3. Place Order

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➣ All orders come with your very own Kentucky Slushie Machine. We deliver machine free of charge!

➣ Minimum Order: 10 Gallons (30 days supply). Equates to roughly $500 of profit at MSRP.

➣ No license required. Mobile Units/Kiosks, Cafes okay.


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