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Federal Legislation To Facilitate Marijuana Interstate Commerce

We’re  looking for opportunities to expand into areas that we’re not right now; opportunities in production, cultivation, retail. We want to talk to people.

You may have heard the news that the head of an Oregon marijuana trade group hopes to convince state legislators to permit local cannabis companies to export crops and products to other states, but MJ attorneys said the plan faces huge legal obstacles.


Many estimate that interstate commerce won’t be common practice for 10-20 years.  In the mean time, we’re not waiting.  Join our network of cannabis companies seeking to legally license deals across state lines.

PODCAST: Navigating Multi-State Cannabis Dispensary Locations

Episode #6: BAM Cannabis Founder, Mike Mills  (CSE: BAMM) A Publicly Traded Company

Mike Educates Us On Navigating Multi-State Cannabis Dispensary Locations

I’m Jason Tropf and in this episode I interviewed the Founder of BAM Cannabis, Mike Mills. BAM stands for Body And Mind and that’s exactly what their award winning medical cannabis strains offer. We cover growth strategies and how you can get your brand across state lines, into their stores or partner with them to help them establish presence in your state state.  They’re currently looking to enter states such as California. In this interview, Mike shares insights for those considering a retail cannabis dispensary including an offer to use their private label products as your own brand. If you’re at all interested in entering the dispensary space, you won’t want to miss this…