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Join the owner of 48 store locations across South Africa in every major city for a 70% market share with $50mm+ revenue.

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currently own and operate 48 store locations

AW GROUP CURRENT STORE LOCATION Retail We currently have 48 store locations across South Africa and in every major city, Pretoria – Johannesburg – Durban – Bloemfontein and Cape Town. AW Group store are -: Located in safe areas, with ample security in place. All locations have sufficient parking for clients Stores are currently open from 9am to 8pm 6 days per week, and open from 9am-1 pm on Sundays.

Infusion is a social haven, tailored for our client’s comfort. Our take is unique to that of traditional dispensaries or cannabis retail stores. What sets Infusion apart is our “social Club’ concept. At our Social clubs our clients and potential clients are exposed to an environment of relaxation, a cannabis dispensary, restaurant, lounge, set up and PlayStation-5 game stations all under one roof, the ultimate “Infusion Social Club” experience. This unique set up sets us apart in a the South African market, in additional we are tapping into a completely new market of cannabis retailing in South Africa. We intend to take full advantage and dominate the industry while time allows us to. we are currently running 3 social clubs in some of Cape Town’s hotspot destinations, with another 5 opening up in the next few months. 

Cape Town is already known as a hotspot destination for locals, national locals, and International tourists, one of our Social clubs is located in Long street. Long street forms a big part of the Cape Town experience boasting a street full of clubs, restaurants, boutique stores, etc open during the day but come alive when the sun sets to form a part of Long Streets night life. The other stores are located is Sea point and Durbanville which are hotspot destinations as well in their own rights. In addition to the Social club stores we have 3 traditional cannabis retail stores that are open, their main difference being that they do not have the restaurants in them, but they do have the lounge section with the PlayStation game stations. 

Currently our clients gain access to the experience oat R30 per month subscription, members can register through our website or store front. Moving forward, the plan is to bring in exclusivity, by offering separate subscription packages such as standard, premium etc and the price ranges will differ , respectively. 

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50+ Locations

Consolidating and vertically integrating in mature markets:

➣ With over 50 retail stores currently operating, ready to convert into joint cannabis social clubs, with the right investment, Infusion Social Club would be the biggest cannabis dispensary in South Africa.

➣ Fragmented markets with 90% as Mom and Pop operators.

➣ Infusion Social Club aims to capture a 70% market, becoming a dominant player. Currently they already own the retail locations and are converting them to cannabis dispensaries.



Revenue for all 50 locations
(after 12mo operations)
Year 2 – $28,691,207
Year 3 – $52,152,644

• Western Cape region: 
Year 2 – [NDA request info to view]Year 3 – [NDA request info to view]

• Long Street:
Year 2 – [NDA request info to view]Year 3 – [NDA request info to view]

• Durbenville:
Year 2 – [NDA request info to view]Year 3 – [NDA request info to view]

Set up cost per shop: $78,947

**Growth Opportunties** 
Net profit can be greatly increased by investing in a growing farm as current expenses towards growers are 38% of revenue. Setup costs for a farm will be $315k and distribution warehouse $105k.


Model for Consolidation

Our business model is to convert our exisiting, profitable, independent operations and increase profitability by adding cannabis to our already standardized procedures and systems.

Membership Retention

By becoming a member, you gain access to a space where events and promotions are tailor-made exclusively for our members. 

What Makes Us Different

Infusion is your gateway to a world of unparalleled entertainment, camaraderie, events and exclusive amenities.

About The Founder

• 45 years self-employed in that period:

• I have Opened and operated warehouses distribution and stores across Australia (Sydney, Melbourne & Canberra), as well as stores in America (Los Angeles, San Bernadina County), and have been working and operating stores in South Africa for the last 27 years (48 Locations from Cape Town to Johannesburg and Durban)

Some of the projects and companies founded.

• AW GROUP (With over 80 stores opened around the world) over my 45-year history in the industry. 

• SEXPO (Largest adult show, with over 60 000 attendees) operated and licensed for 8 years.

• LAST FIGHTER STANDING (TV – Show with Michael jai White) Number 1 rated show in South Africa for 13 weeks running in 2016. 


• IBERCUP SOUTH AFRICA. (International Youth Soccer Tournament).

• Currently operating warehousing, distribution and retail stores, with over 300 staff members. Our reach covers the whole of South Africa.

• AW Group PTY (LTD) is now taking its expertise in realm of over 18’s segments, and expanding into the cannabis social club scene.

• With AW Group’s 48 locations we are able to expand rapidly across South Africa, with the right investor on board.

• AW Group has invested over 10 million in the current rollout of Infusion social clubs.

• Infusion social clubs have opened 4 major locations, in Cape Town since June 2023, with another 4 locations opening this November. 

• Infusion social clubs will be the first brand to go national in South Africa with stores opening in Pretoria and Johannesburg by the end of November.

• My approach is to piggyback off my current infrastructure that I have in all the major cities to rapidly expand and create a national brand. 

• The goal of the investment is to set up grow facility, warehouse and distribution to support the rapid expansion of the stores throughout South Africa. 

I have a strong foundation and moral ethics to succeed in every venture that I do. Looking forward to working with you.


Infusion Social Club Highlights:

30+ Years Operating Experience

  • Leadership team with corporate expertise 

50+ Targets / 70% Market Share Captured

  •  50+targeted cannabis companies with $52 million in sales totaling 70% market share.


  • CAPETOWN: Hotspot Destination
  • SOUTH AFRICA: Hotspot Destination
  • LONG STREET:  Nightlife street of clubs/tourism
  • SEA POINT: Hotspot Destination
  • DURBENVILLE: Hotspot Destination


South Africa (view presentation)
Long Street, Capetown, Sea Point, Durbenville +

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