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Picture of Find The Best Cannabis Franchise With A Trusted Advisor At No Cost To You: Guy Grimm

Find The Best Cannabis Franchise With A Trusted Advisor At No Cost To You: Guy Grimm

Guy Grimm, Jr. is a 25-year veteran of military service in the U.S. Navy, reached the pinnacle of Deepsea Diving as a Master Diver. Transitioned from the Military to civilian life in 2007 and had previously invested in Divers Unlimited in Norfolk, VA., offering retail sales, trips, maintenance, government contracts, hull cleaning, and divers training,
In a short time, I was able to showcase and develop new lines of products due to my reputation in the diving industry.

During the next 16 years continued professional development, education, and experience in sales at a national level. Worked and developed business in the following industries: Diving, Tactical Equipment, Suspended Access, Personnel & Material Hoisting, and Cannabis. During this time generated over 200 million in revenue for these brands, which consistently exceeded management and ownership goals.

Founder and CEO of Vets Golden Hook formed in 2020, a non-profit business that has a mission: To provide Veterans with local, state, and federal information relevant to programs and nonprofit organizations that can assist Veteran’s with specific needs. Also, to honor, serve, and lift the spirits of our Military Veterans by providing a boating experience of compassion and camaraderie.

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