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State-to-State Services To Take Action & Execute On Your Expansion Plan For Multi-State Operators

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Each Cannabis10x Think-Tank is packed with powerful strategy from founders and strategic partners to assist in scaling your franchise network nationwide.  

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Strategic Partners

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Cannabis Franchise Insurance

At Program Insurance Group, we have the knowledge and experience needed to insure any type of franchise business. We understand the unique liabilities and needs of franchises, and are here to help you find the best protection for your business. In fact, our agents will work one-on-one with you in order to learn all about your specific franchise and design a complete business insurance package to fit your unique coverage needs

Cannabis Licensing

A multi-state Cannabis Practice Group helping cannabis license holders and third-party service providers in established and emerging markets. Ice Miller’s Cannabis Group is focused to help clients stay ahead of quickly evolving and growing industry changes. If you are a business, government, investor, bank, supplier, innovator or other entity, Ice Miller’s Cannabis Group can help you navigate the dynamic and heavily regulated legal cannabis market.

Dispensary Payment Solutions

Aeros has create a secure digital wallet solution that allows customers and merchants to securely transact without the need of cash. Consumers can now enjoy the “tap to payP experience to which they are accustomed and Merchants can stop paying unnecessary and costly vendors fees. Eliminate the risk associated with cash, while receiving payments same day with the most competitive rates ever seen in the industry.

Cashless ATM

The most recognized service enabling your cannabis business to accept payments worldwide. Utilizing Cashless ATMs you can now increase sales and client satisfaction by accepting debit and credit card payments. Increase sales and client satisfaction by accepting debit and credit card payments

Franchise Your Cannabis Business

Everything you need to legally transition to a premium cannabis franchisor in the cannabis industry for exponential growth, including the sales team to sell your franchise territories.

Dama Financial Cannabis Banking

Safe Banking For Cannabis Companies

While the debate continues around the Safe Banking Act, banks like Dama Financial are making a safe cannabis banking environment nationwide.