Some of the most successful companies in the world leverage the franchise model to achieve a growth velocity that is unparalleled. Discover how to position your business for rapid expansion through franchising.



  • A franchisee invests capital in your business to become the owner of one or more protected territories.
  • Lower churn: doctors and employees have a high churn rate, but owners are personally invested and successfully assist in the growth of your concept.
  • Scale: A franchise owner doesn’t need to be a physician, they can hire, train and manage the physician as well as all necessary employees.
  • Compliance: Each franchise owner can be responsible to maintain legal compliance.  This allows the franchisor to focus on marketing and growth rather than compliance and operations in each state. 
  • Marketing: Franchisees fund their own local marketing, which substantially increases your impact at no additional cost to you. 
  • Speed to market: It’s the fastest way to increase your footprint without you having to be physically present for all administration, operations and marketing for each location.
  • Cash Flow: You receive an up-front franchise fee that adds to your cash flow.
  • Consumer trust is inherent in franchised brands. Customer acquisition is less expensive and easier.  
  • Customer retention is maintained by the confidence generated in a much larger organization. 
  • Recurring Revenue: In addition to the franchise fee and the rapid increase in footprint, franchisors receive royalty and marketing fees, allowing for ease of operations, sales support and growth.
  • Growth: Your footprint can reach across the country and have thousands of locations
  • Increased Revenue: Franchise owners’ revenue average 25% more than corporate stores because franchisees are financially and physically invested.
  • Reduced Expenses: Company owned locations are expensive.  Franchising alleviates the expense and time of building locations, managing, hiring, training, marketing, and operational expenses.
  • Replicated System: Franchising is successful when the systems and procedures that made you successful are replicated. This replication is virtually unlimited.
  • Viral Quotient: With multiple owners each marketing their territory, your brand will have exponential growth.


PDF:  Create Wealth Through Franchising.

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