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franchise your business


Create Wealth by Franchising.
Raising capital for expansion is one way to grow, albeit limited.
A more expedient, deeper penetration method is via the proven route of franchising.

  • A franchisee invests capital in your business to become the owner of one or more protected territories.
  • Reduced Expenses: Company owned locations are expensive.  Franchising alleviates the expense and time of building locations, managing, hiring, training, marketing, and operational expenses, covered by franchisee.
  • Cannabis10x World Class Team: As a team, the C10X franchise division has franchised over 2,000 concepts including household name brands such as Sbarros, Five Guys, Haagan Dazs, Panda Express, Miracle Ear & more.  As second generation Franchisors, Franchising has been our founding family tradition for over 30 years. We treat our clients like family.

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From Multi-Unit To Multi-State & International


Perfecting The Model

Multi-State Operators

Interstate Commerce Simplified


10X Expansion Territory Sales Program

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See The Seemingly Successful Case Study:

• Company enters into seed round for 1mm and successfully launches business.

• Working capital is scarce and expansion is inhibited, Company raises through a series A round.

• This works to grow the business to its second location and possibly third and fourth.

• Company is still not EBITDA positive and growth again is restricted by funds.

• Company treads into Series B.

• Company raises the round to now move into multiple states. Success?

At best, the owner(s) of Company have now given up considerable equity, have extensive management and compliance obligations, and often have acquired significant debt.

Franchise Alternative

A Company focuses on the profitability of one-two stores and then seeks to franchise.  The profitable stores are used as the model to franchise the company.

Company launches 12 new locations in year one

 Cost are significantly less than the above seed round raise.

Each franchisee pays for all costs associated with the new location including licensing, lease, build-out, product, and more. 

Company adds $900k to top line revenue: The approximate $75k franchise fee paid to Company by the newly awarded franchisees 

Enter Stage Left: Royalties. Royalties are paid by the franchisee of approximately 8% of the gross revenue

 Enter Stage Right: An additional National Branding fee of 3-4% paid by franchisees, Gives the franchisor the leverage necessary to create a dominant brand

Exit Strategy: Federal Legalization loosens institutional capital and franchise territory sales are fundable by SBA loans positioning your brand for massive market share and significant buyout offers from major corporations. When it become a Sellers Market, be the Seller.  Brand Recognition: Large Repeat Customer Base

Franchising Your Business
The Birth Of A New Industry Happens Once In 100 Years. Don't Miss it.

“If you’re not a risk taker, you should get the Hell out of business.” -Ray Kroc, McDonald’s Tycoon

A Secure Exit Strategy

When designing an exit strategy – consistent profits, entrenched market share, brand power, and strong forecasting – will empower owners with a coveted commodity. A franchised business has several characteristics that make it palatable for acquisition:

Profitable – The franchise does not have investor accountability, it is not diluted and is not heavily leveraged.  Each franchise is an owner and as such is personally invested in the success of his location.  This powerful cocktail creates the perfect alchemy for profits.

Market Share – A responsible franchise expands at a rate of 1-2 franchise awards per month.  In just three years the franchise has approximately 50 locations.  In commencing your conquest to expand your business into a franchise, award franchisees in contiguous territories first.  This geo-concentric strategy enables a fluid growth in marketing and allows for a deep consolidation of operations that often includes solidified regional management – all of which significantly reduce costs.

How Fast Is The Rate of Change? “The two most important things in any company do not appear in its balance sheet: its reputation and its people.” - Henry Ford

Franchisor Development Plan

A typical franchise rollout schedule in Units Per Annum is as follows.  Confidential Proforma Available Upon Request.


Franchise Pro-Forma Includes:  5 Year Projections Complete With Total Gross Revenue To Franchisor, Investment Gain, Annualized ROI, Royalties, Franchise Fees, Total Number of Territories For Responsible Growth & Much More.

Franchise Proforma Confidential

Jason Tropf
CEO & Founder

Thought Leader & Cannabis Influencer
Owner Franchise 500 Brand 
Forbes Communication Council
Executive Franchise Broker
Chief Marketing Officer RSVP Franchise
Jason Tropf

Holly A. Ford

Award Winning Franchise Developer
Founder Zarian Firm, Inc
Best Selling Author:
Create Your Own Wealth Executive Franchise
Executive Franchise Broker
Contributor: 12 Franchise Publications
Radio Co-Host: Pillars of Franchising

Harold Kestenbaum

• Author: So You Want to Franchise Your Business
• Entrepreneur Magazine:
voted Kestenbaum’s Law Firm Top 10 in North America
• 4 Decades of Franchise Representation
•Served on multitudes of Franchise Councils
• Franchised hundreds of Domestic and International Concepts


Harold Kestenbaum

Kit Vincent

President FranMan Inc.
High-End Customized Operation Manuals
Clients have included 7/11, Panda Express, Haagen-Dazs, Miracle Ear
Franchise Operations Podcast Host 15 Years Franchise Manuals
Kit Vincent

Franchise Your Business

Franchising Can Be An Effective Model For A Wide Variety of Business Models. Business To Business, Business To Consumer, Ancillary Services & More.  Whether You Run A Testing Labs, Delivery Service, Cultivation, Brand Or Retail, Contact Us For A Custom Franchise Proposal.