Fast Leaf

Craft Cannabis Mirco-Cultivation Franchise

Produce Distinguished, Craft Product Lines for Connoisseurs without Day-to-Day Involvement 

Franchise summary

Fast Leaf Experience:

voted top 20 dispensary in california - thrillist

Investor/Franchisee: The franchisee or, if the franchisee is a corporation, the shareholder(s) of the franchisee, are not required by the terms of the franchise agreement to participate in the operation of the business. The franchisee must use the franchisor (or its designee) for certain management services, as described more particularly in Schedule “B” of the Franchise Agreement.  Higher quality: Fast Leaf micro-cultivation franchises create a product of higher quality with both higher demand and higher prices in the marketplace. Our state-of-the-art design and technology captures all the qualities consumers and processors look for; aroma, bag appeal, and THC levels.  Higher yield: By maintaining temperature and humidity to its highest efficiency, ensuring optimum lighting, with adequate spacing between plants, Fast Leaf produces a substantially higher yield per plant, in comparison to standard cultivation (LP) mega growers. Better controls: Having micro-grows of 4,000ft(2) allow the master grower to control all aspects of quality and environmental controls, therefore achieving higher yield and THC percentages. Each grow room has its own control monitoring system for maintaining optimum temperature variability and humidity consistency during the complete growing process. Higher price per gram: The demand for high quality, high THC, pesticide-free, Health Canada-regulated products (or USA equivalent), translates to higher than average prices on the market.  Revenue generated every 2 weeks: Unlike almost all other cannabis cultivators who harvest large grow rooms on a 9-12-week schedule, Fast Leaf employs a Continual Cash-Flow model by staggering harvests bi-weekly. Fast Leaf franchises will be harvesting every two weeks creating continual cash-flows and crop rotations. Buyer Networks: Each franchise will benefit from having access to a Fast Leaf buyer network ensuring your cannabis harvest has a buyer before you grow your first plant. A list of the wholesalers is available to lenders on demand.

Hear From The Fast Leaf Franchise Team

• Management Model (franchisee is not required to cultivate themselves) 

• Passive Ownership Option

• Revenue Generated Every 2 Weeks

• Continual Cash-Flow

• Higher Than Average Priced Products