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Our exclusive program brings your expansion plan to life:
Create pitch deck, find investors, choose funding partner, execute and deploy

Determine Expansion Goals

Business expansion can take many forms. From short-term small loans to complete vertical integration, Cannabis10x engages clients where they are.  As such, clients enter the expansion program with differentiating outcomes.

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Businesses that wish to be considered for the Cannabis10x Expansion program are evaluated based on historical & current business results, product differentiation, marketing position and forecast based on existing financials as well as projections based on proposed funding.

Create Pitch Deck

Cannabis10x partners with Fortune 500 branding strategist, designers and industry financial leaders to develop a powerful pitch deck representing the business acumen, leadership and opportunity to present to our investors.

Create and pitch to powerful investors 

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Investor Interviews

Interested investors in your unique opportunity are then given the chance to meet with you either virtually or face to face. These interviews are two-sided with both investor and business owner investigating the opportunity to serve one another in their respective capacities. Premium businesses are given the opportunity to interview multiple investors simultaneously.

Meet virtually or Face-to-face

Business owner & investors investigation phase

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Select Funding

Owners then choose their funding partner.  Funds are escrowed by Cannabis10x attorneys and distributed at the finality of the legal of the legal documents signed and filed accordingly.

Choose funding partner, escrow funds, distribute and deploy