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Capitalize On Compliance

Position your business correctly in the miasma of legislation volatility. Protect Your Wealth with State Legislative Alerts on Every Aspect of Your Business from the Supply Chain to Interstate Commerce


Franchise Your Business to Create Exponential Wealth and a Palatable Target for Institutional Capital. Franchise Your Business with Cannabis 10X and Receive Access to Hundreds of International Brokers for Fast Growth.

Extraordinary Exits

Create a powerful exit strategy with m&a leaders. Complementary Exit Strategy Consultation with Course Registration.

Investor Education

It’s the Roaring 2020’s… IF you know how to invest. Free 30-Minute Investment Consultation for you and your team with Course Registration.

10X Franchise Broker

Create your own wealth as a cannabis10x certified broker. Complementary Franchising Course Included with Franchise Broker Course Registration. Cannabis10X Franchise Brokers are All Cannabis Certified. Upon completion of this course you will be eligible to sell select Cannabis10x Franchises.

The Perfect Pitch

Position your business to stand out in front of investors. Free Participation in the Next Cannabis 10X Pitch Event with Successful Course Completion.

VIP All-Access Pass:

These Hyper focused, on-demand workshops help you discover how to launch a strong cannabis business and build it with the exit in mind. Inside each of these groundbreaking trainings, you’ll find the tools, techniques, and playbooks you need to think and execute the growth strategies used by the largest cannabis corporations in the world; with deliverables that will actually grow your business… without the headache of figuring it out all by yourself.

cannabis franchise broker certification


Create your own wealth as a cannabis10x certified broker

Franchise Green Light Method: Get Certified To Sell Cannabis Franchise Territories



Successful Completion of Franchising & Franchise Broker Courses With Interview Demonstrating Knowledge of Course Materials