As we continue to acknowledge the unhealthy impacts carcinogens have on us, and in light of the continuing vape crisis of last year to now, the time is right for an affordable vaporizer that allows both flower and concentrate consumers to enjoy their products of choice on the go — without the worry of harmful ingredients clouding the product. 

The Utillian 722 is certainly that vaporizer.

What is the Utillian 722?

The Utillian 722 is the follow-up to the award-winning Utillian 721 that made waves last year in the flower vaporizer market. With this new model, Utillian has added a concentrate canister to take things to the next level. They also tweaked a couple of features, including the angle of the mouthpiece’s point of articulation to make it a bit sturdier, and upgraded the “boost mode” an extra ten degrees to 225°C compared to 215°C on the 721. While seemingly small, that extra  kick certainly helps provide the 722 with a bit more extraction power than its predecessor. 

What’s returning from the 721 is the well-built one-button simplicity. The build quality of the 722 easily rivals that of other dual-purpose vaporizers and clocks in at a cool $149.99. The finish of the 722 is not only a nice visual but also provides a firm grip. The mouthpiece feels a pinch flimsy as you turn it around into the ready position, but it pops right back on if it falls off. 

Also returning from the 721 are the four preset heat settings of 180°C, 190°C, 200°C, and 210°C, but as noted, the 722 will get a bit hotter than the 721 in boost mode. 


When you first get the Utillian 722, you’ll see a spread of o-rings, screens, and brushes. But fear not, it’s actually quite simple to prepare for use after charging. When you break the magnetic seal and flip over the lid, you’ll see a spot where the provided metal screen lines up. Simply line the screen up on top of the hole and pop on the red rubber ring. That will hold it in place during use. 

The screen can get a pinch crooked (even with the ring on) preventing a perfectly flush magnetic seal for the whole top of the vaporizer. Pinch the sides of the ring and move the screen into proper alignment. 

How to use the Utillian 722

  1. Regardless of whether you’ll be using it for flower or concentrates, pop the magnetic top off. From here you’ll be deciding whether to throw in the concentrate canister or just directly start using flower. 
  2. Fill the chamber of your choosing with flower or concentrate and put the lid back on. Make sure the lid is flush.
  3. To start the actual session on the 722 you’re going to press the power button — located on the right side of the device — five times in two seconds. The unit will begin to flash as it comes up to the desired temperature. 
  4. Confirm the unit heating to your desired temperature by looking at the light color, or adjust it by pressing the button twice as it heats. Green is the coolest setting and red is the hottest. When the light stops flashing you’re good to go. 
  5. Inhale, but after you’ve taken a few rips you might want to try the boost mode. Just hold down the button while you take a pull and it will kick the 722 up to full blast. 


You’re going to need to clean the 722 out with a brush each time you use it. Utillian recommends giving the chamber a deeper clean every three sessions. We suggest using 99% alcohol and q-tips for ease. Don’t cheap out on the alcohol, the lower the percentage, the less effective it is on the first pass and you don’t want any residue to drip down to the heating element. 

After you clean it, dry it out completely with another q-tip. Tip: go light on the alcohol on the swab as not to void the warranty.

You can also clean all the components vapor passes through in the lid. Just remove the red rubber ring, pop off the mouthpiece and toss them in alcohol with the screens for no longer than 20 minutes. While those parts soak, use a q-tip with alcohol to clean out the air pathways in the top part of the vaporizer while it’s disassembled. After everything is clean, use warm water to rinse off, then dry each part. Never submerge the top piece of the vaporizer in alcohol. 

What’s the appeal?

Smoking a joint or bowl every now and then isn’t going to kill you, but for more frequent cannabis users, the main health drawback is the amount of smoke exposure to their respiratory system. With mobile vaporizers like the Utillian 722, you’re not stuck next to a coffee table to get a quality vaping experience with a tabletop vaporizer, the mobile aspect of the 722 allows you to get a good vape session whenever you feel like it.

Featured image courtesy of Utillian.

Jimi Devine has been involved in cannabis policy reform since 2005 and has worked in the cannabis industry since 2009 when he moved to California from Lynn, Massachusetts. Currently serving as Senior Staff Writer at Cannabis Now, you can also find his writings on cannabis products and policy in the San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, The Hill, The Chronicle of High Education, GreenState, High Times, 7×7 Magazine, L.A. Weekly, Leafly, The East Bay Express, and in Ed Rosenthal’s recent book “This Bud’s for You.” Jimi is one of the main journalists in the world focusing on the top-shelf flower market. Jimi has a BA in Journalism and Media Studies from Franklin Pierce University.

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