For most of us, when it comes to kicking back, relaxing and enjoying some good weed, it doesn’t really matter how you do it. A perfectly rolled joint, a clean bong rip, a light and tasty vape cloud —most of us are content as long as the result is being pleasantly stoned. 

Eating a delicious and potent edible, however, is a particularly wonderful thing many of us wish we could do more often, were it not for the complicated, time consuming, and awfully messy process of making cannabutter the traditional way. 

While crafting your own cannabutter isn’t terribly difficult, it’s a tricky and rather involved process which takes several hours to complete. The benefits of making cannabutter are clear and plentiful, yet enduring the process of actually making it is a major obstacle for even the most dedicated stoners.

But the days of standing over a double-boiler and straining your cannabutter through a cheesecloth are over — as are the days of destroying your kitchen in the process — thanks to the MagicalButter Machine. 

What is the MagicalButter Machine?

The MagicalButter Machine is a fully-automatic countertop botanical extractor, immersion blender and heating unit fitted perfectly together inside a compact, pitcher-shaped design. 

Equipped with a versatile immersion blade and a programmable thermostat, the MagicalButter Machine can grind, stir, heat and steep herbal extracts at exactly the right times and temperatures, yielding extremely high-quality infusions with barely any effort. 

Included with the MagicalButter Machine is the PurifyFilter 190™ infusion filter for effortless infusion straining, as well as their signature heat-and-slip-resistant LoveGlove™ for safe and effective handling of infusions made in the MagicalButter Machine. 

In addition to classic cannabutter, you can also make tinctures, infused coconut oil and even medicinal salves using this machine. 

How to use the MagicalButter Machine 

If you’ve made cannabutter at home before, you know that decarbing your weed is a critical first step in the process. This holds true when using the MagicalButter Machine, too. There are several different ways to decarb weed depending on what you’re using it for, but to decarb your weed for cannabutter, your best bet is just to bake it in the oven. 

Break up the bud you want to infuse into the butter into small pieces and spread it evenly in a thin layer over a sheet of parchment paper, cover the paper with aluminum foil, bake for 25–30 minutes at 230℉ (110℃), and let cool completely before you begin your desired infusion cycle in the MagicalButter Machine. 

Once you’ve decarbed the weed and it’s cooled down, you’re ready to start the MagicalButter infusion process. The MagicalButter Machine is capable of all different kinds of botanical infusions like butters, oils, tinctures and oil concentrates. Cannabutter is, of course, a butter infusion, which are the simplest and most basic infusions to perform. 

How to make cannabutter with the MagicalButter Machine

Making cannabutter with the MagicalButter Machine takes approximately two hours from start to finish, and yields approximately 2–5 cups maximum (475–1180 mL) depending on how much butter you want to make. 


  • 2–5 cups (475–1180 mL) of unsalted butter, clarified*
  • 1/4–1/2 oz. (7–14 g) of decarbed bud per every 1 cup (240 mL) of butter used
  • 1 tbsp. (15 mL) lecithin* per every 1 cup (240 mL) of butter used

*To ensure the best possible extraction process and the highest possible potency of your cannabutter, the MagicalButter chefs highly recommend you clarify the butter before adding it to the pitcher of the MagicalButter Machine. Clarified butterfat absorbs more THC than normal butter, and makes for a better infusion overall. All you have to do to clarify your butter is slowly simmer it in a small pan on the stove over very low heat until it melts and a white froth forms on the surface, then gently skim it off with a spoon until only the golden, clear, liquefied butterfat remains. 

*Lecithin is an emulsifier used widely in the culinary industry, among others, for binding ingredients to lipids like butter and fat. Adding lecithin allows the butterfat to absorb significantly higher amounts of THC and other cannabinoids during infusion, which increases the potency of your finished cannabutter. 


  • Load your desired amount of clarified butter, proportionate amount of decarbed bud and lecithin into the pitcher of the MagicalButter Machine and tightly secure the head on top of the pitcher.
  • Press the “Temperature” button on the top of the head and select the option for 160℉ (71℃), then the “2 Hours/Butter” button 
  • Allow two hours infusion cycle to run 
  • Once the infusion cycle is complete, unplug your MagicalButter Machine and remove the head. Put on your LoveGlove™ and slowly pour what’s in the pitcher through your PurifyFilter™ and into your desired storage container. 

And that’s it—decarb your bud, press a couple of buttons, wait two hours, strain and once it solidifies, you can infuse all of your favorite culinary creations with premium, potent homemade cannabutter. 

How to clean your machine

Once you’re done, the MagicalButter Machine is super easy to clean even if you’re stoned out of your mind on edibles already. You simply give the machine a rinse, fill it up halfway with dish soap and water and press the clean button. 

Whether you’re a veteran cannabutter chef you’re a novice who wants to learn the ropes of making edibles, the MagicalButter Machine is a solid investment. It’s as simple and straightforward to use as a botanical extraction machine/immersion blender/customizable heating unit can be without compromising the quality or the potency of its final products. 

So if you’re looking for a user-friendly way to make your own edibles (or you’re quarantined at home in need of new ways to get stoned like me) the MagicalButter Machine is the cure to your weed woes.

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