Despite the technological leaps made by the vaporizer industry in recent years, there are still relatively few devices that can vape both flower and concentrate, and even fewer that can do both jobs well. 

The Firefly 2+, a new and improved version of the popular Firefly 2 vaporizer, is a particularly unique portable convection vaporizer that functions as a kind of electric pipe. 

With upgrades from the previous model that include a significant price drop and the broadest temperature range of any vaporizer, the Firefly 2+ is an affordable and versatile option for tech savvy Millennials and Gen Zers looking for an alternative to smoking.  

Whether you’re in the market for a new vape, or just curious as to what all the buzz is about, here’s our take on the new Firefly 2+. 

What is the Firefly 2+? 

The Firefly 2+ is a touch sensor activated portable convection vaporizer that stands out for its on-demand heating feature, versatility in accepting both flower and concentrates, and a glass heating chamber with ember glow LED design that mimics the feeling of smoking a bowl.

At $249.95, this device is still in the realm of affordability when it comes to multi-use vapes with tech features. And at only 5” tall and 1.4” wide, it’s a sleek little vape that packs a punch, producing consistent, great tasting vapor because of its convection method of heating. 

Most vaporizers use conduction heating, meaning the vaping material is heated through direct contact with the surface of the heating chamber. While this works, it can result in uneven vaporization. The Firefly 2+ uses convection heating, meaning the air is preheated before it passes through the material, preserving terpenes, cannabinoids and vaporizing evenly.

What can you vape with the Firefly 2+?

The Firefly 2+ is compatible with both ground flower and extracts. 

How do you use the Firefly 2+?

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, here’s a breakdown of how to use the device itself. 

Charge the Firefly 2+

The Firefly 2+ comes with a proprietary charging dock. To charge, plug the cable into a USB adapter and connect to the charging dock. When placed on the dock, the device’s LED light will begin blinking blue to indicate charge, and solid blue to indicate it’s ready for use.

Pro tip: Use a wall adapter 9 volts or higher to ensure fastest charge. Using a lesser adapter can increase charging time by up to two hours. 

LED Guide 

  • Blinking Green: Device is heating
  • Solid Green: Device is ready to use 
  • Blinking Blue: Battery is charging (while on dock)
  • Solid Blue: Battery is charged
  • Blinking Red: Battery is low and needs charging
  • Solid Red: Device needs to cool down for a few minutes

Heating Control (from device) 

To put the Firefly into temperature setting mode, hold the right button and tap the left button quickly three times. 

The LED will blink red 1—7 times, indicating the current temperature. 

To change the temperature, you must still be holding the right button and tap the left button the following times to set the desired temperature: 

  • 7 Taps: 500 degrees: Concentrates (Beware: The concentrate heat setting will cause combustion if used with ground material)
  • 6 Taps: High
  • 5 Taps: Med-High
  • 4 Taps: Med
  • 3 Taps: Med-Low 
  • 2 Taps: Low
  • 1 Tap: 320 degrees: Ultra Low

The Firefly App 

One of the main selling points of the Firefly 2+, especially for younger generations, is the Firefly App. Unfortunately, on November 15th, 2019, Apple removed all vaporizer apps from its store. Firefly apps that were downloaded before removal will still work but cannot be updated, but Android users are not affected. 

Not only can you easily set exact temperatures based on the consistency and material you plan on using, but you can fully customize your vape with features like device calibration, touch sensor activation, battery level updates and more. 

How to pack flower 

When packing flower into the Firefly 2+, you want it to be ground coarsely, much like what you would use for a joint or a blunt. If the grind is too powdery, it can pull through the vape. It’s also important to note that when the glass chamber is filled to the top with flower, it shouldn’t be packed too tightly. 

  1. Remove the magnetic lid of the device and fill the glass chamber with the coarsely ground flower. 
  2. Make sure the interior surface is completely free of material so it will be able to seal tightly and completely. 
  3. Replace the lid, and check that the seal is tight. 

Vaping Flower 

  1. Using the device’s “touch and glow” heating feature, place your fingers on the touch sensors on either side of the vape — without pressing down or using force — to start heating. 
  2. The LED light will blink two times to indicate it’s heating up, then turn solid green. Once solid green, the heating coil will begin to glow, and you can take a hit. 
  3. Continue to hold down the touch sensors while you inhale for ten seconds. After 30 seconds of holding the touch sensors, the Firefly will turn off automatically.

How to pack concentrate

  1. Open the lid and press the concentrate pad firmly into the bottom of the glass heating chamber, readying the device for use. 
  2. It’s important to use a very small amount of concentrate with the Firefly 2+, roughly the size of a grain of rice for solid extracts, or 2-3 drops of liquid. Place concentrate in the center of the pad. Replace the lid, making sure the seal is tight.

Vaping Concentrate

To vape concentrate with the Firefly 2+, either download the Firefly app and use the “Concentrates” temperature setting, or set the temperature manually from the device. 

Follow the same steps as flower vaping. 

Pro tip: Be sure to take an extra long hit from your concentrate bowl on the first inhale. Doing so will ensure the concentrate melts into the pad correctly and vaporizes evenly throughout the rest of the session. 

How to clean the Firefly 2+

Cleaning the firefly is a simple process that involves the heating chamber, the vapor path, the mouthpiece and the concentrate pad. 

Heating Chamber: Use the small brush or cleaning pick to get out any particles, then use an alcohol wipe to clean.  

Vapor Path: Use alcohol wipes to clean the surfaces of the vapor path. 

Mouthpiece: Wiggle the mouthpiece until it has been removed from the device, and remove any debris with the pick. Click the mouthpiece back into place. 

Concentrate Pad: Preheat the device for 10-15 seconds to loosen any extra material, then remove pad with cleaning pick. Don’t try to clean the concentrate pad itself. 

What is the appeal?

The Firefly 2+ is about as 2020 as it gets with a lot of tech and very little tradition. It’s kind of cool that amidst all the techy features like convection heating, app integration, and touch sensor technology, there’s still a physical bowl to pack that cherries when you hit it, even if that cherry isn’t exactly a real one. 

This vape is great for the younger set of casual cannabis users who are looking for a healthier, or more likely just hipper, alternative to the smelly world of smoking. While pipes and joints are great, it’s a brave new world out there. If the first couple months of 2020 are any indicator, you’re going to have to be high to brave it yourself. The Firefly is a great place to start. 

Featured image courtesy of Firefly 

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