Branded as the Easy-Bake Oven of edibles, the Ardent FX is an all-in-one tool for decarboxylation, infusing, and even baking cannabis medicine and treats. 

Founder and president Shanel A Lindsay is nothing short of a pioneer in the cannabis space. A total boss, she began her cannabis journey as a young mother in law school trying to manage pain and inflammation: “I’m almost 40 and in really good health, I attribute a lot of that to using cannabis and not having to rely on pharmaceuticals … [but] it was on me to make it happen.” 

In addition to navigating the stigma against cannabis, she invested in a science-based approach to research her medicine, which ultimately led to the release of the Ardent Nova Decarboxylator in 2016. Released in April 2020, the evolved Ardent FX builds on the Nova, offering an even more comprehensive set of functions, and just like the Nova, strikes a balance between science and personal preference. 

For anyone who wants to make their own cannabis infusions, the Ardent FX is a game changing tool. Learn more about the device below.

What is the Ardent FX?

The Ardent FX is, essentially, a full cannabis kitchen where you can go from plant to edible in one device. The compact and lightweight machine plugs into a regular outlet, making it a breeze to use anywhere, anytime, with no special requirements. The design is discreet in appearance and function; there are no weed-themed graphics and it won’t stink up the space. 

The machine itself comes with four parts: 

  • The main chamber
  • Lid
  • Base that plugs into the wall 
  • Custom carrying case 

Included in the package is a quick-start guide with simple instructions, and a digital in-depth instruction manual available upon registering the product online. Chic and efficient, it has a contemporary and unfussy feel. 

How does it work?

The Ardent FX performs three functions: decarboxylation (check out Ardent’s decarboxylation information page to learn more), infusion, and baking. There is no minimum quantity to operate, and there is little to no aroma produced by any function. It’s intuitive, with a red light indicating a cycle in process, and a green light indicating the cycle is complete. With definite slow cooker vibes, there are four touch-of-a-button settings, let’s get into them. 

A1 and A2 

These settings are the first step when working with dried and cured flower. Both settings decarboxylate the cannabis, essentially activating and releasing cannabinoids. A1 is designed to activate THC for getting high, while A2 is designed to prioritize CBD activation. 

The process is simple: place your whole flower in the chamber, press the button, and wait until the cycle completes. Once decarbed, the flower, brown and toasted in aroma, is ready to be used for infusions, baking, and even increased potency for smoking. 


This setting is used to infuse decarbed flower into a fat like oil, butter, or ghee. Simply add the oil into the chamber with the decarbed flower and press the infuse button. In a few hours it’s ready to be strained off. 

You can also infuse extracts/concentrates like wax or shatter, which is recommended to do in their silicone insert. The temperature cycle melts and incorporates the concentrate into the fat of your choice for a consistently dispersed final product.  



This setting allows you to cook treats directly in the Ardent FX. Because of the shape, baked goods come out as a round loaf that can be made single-serving size or shareable. Adapting insta-pot recipes, or making single-serve cupcakes or cookies is ideal. 

Admittedly, it’s easier to take the perfectly infused oil/butter and adapt existing recipes using conventional kitchen appliances, but for those who would rather keep cannabis contained to one device, this is a game changer. 

How to clean the Ardent FX

So many cannabis gadgets are difficult to clean or require specific products to get the job done — not so with the Ardent FX. This baby can go right in the dishwasher for easy, no mess clean up. For anyone without a dishwasher, a regular wash with warm soapy water does the trick. It really couldn’t be easier. 


From accessories to access to a community, there’s much more to Ardent than it’s four settings. 


While the baseline product is complete and fully functional on its own, there are a few accessories that can take it to the next level. Most useful are the insert, which fits perfectly into the chamber and has two side handles that makes loading and unloading a breeze —  while also keeping the chamber completely clean. 

There’s also a press, which is basically the same as a french press coffee plunger. It is helpful, but keep in mind that if you have a lot of loose fluffy buds, you may still need to strain with a cheesecloth and a good old-fashioned squeeze to get every last drop. 

Lastly, on the accessory front, they are coming out with a baking insert that has a few shelves to make baking and infusing multiple individual treats possible in one cycle. 


In an effort to make things as easy and streamlined as possible, Ardent has begun rolling out infusion kits that include everything you need — apart from the cannabis flower or other extract. 

The culinary kits were first to debut, including caramel, cake, and of course different oils. They are rapidly expanding culinary kits for seasonal drops, like this adorable holiday stuffing and gravy kit. In the works now are wellness kits for suppositories, capsules, patches, and more. 

Resources, community, and education

Ardent is a holistic company, engaging in every aspect of the cannabis space, and virtually no detail is left unchecked. Many cannabis companies go the extra mile to partner with charitable organizations or in some way give back to the cannabis community. And the ways in which founder and president Shanel Lindsay contributes go way beyond checking a box, they are built into the fabric of the company. 

The resources they make available, including the detailed guide and recipe index, as well as general education about the science behind decarboxylation and infusion, are empowering, allowing people to dose consistently and reliably. Their wealth of information includes tables, clear explanations, and links to studies — all for free.

Similarly, the company’s engagement with social equity goes beyond the typical profit-sharing from a single product, yearly donation, or performative social media posts. Because of her own experience and background as an attorney, Shanel Lindsay is not only active in the continued efforts to create a just and equitable cannabis landscape for all, she is a trailblazer and pioneer, laying groundwork for the movement and proud of it, “Using my legal background to be able to advance legal cannabis is the most awesome thing.” She is a founder of Equitable Opportunities Now and supporter of Cannaclusive. 

In addition to being active on regular social media channels, Ardent users are invited to be part of a Facebook group, Ardent You Glad You Can Decarb?, where members exchange recipes, tips, and ask questions. These forums are an important part of the driving force behind the evolution of the Ardent product line, Lindsay explained, “We are over here geeking out about everything, but we also want to consider what our audience is talking about … we use information that people discuss to test and complete that circle with them.”

What’s the appeal?

What’s not to love? With the Ardent FX, you get consistent decarbed flower and infusions every time. Operating, maintaining, and cleaning the machine couldn’t be easier, requiring just an outlet, and everything is as simple as pressing a button. This takes the guesswork out of an otherwise messy and inconsistent process while making the most of your cannabis stash. And  you can use any form of cannabis, from flower to shatter. 

The product itself has a sleek and sophisticated design, offers total discretion, and is easy to transport. The Ardent FX is an all around winner that can take your edible game to the next level, whether trying to consistently dose medicine or make recreational treats. 

At $350, the price may seem steep initially, but pays for itself for anyone who regularly indulges in infusions and edibles. In short, this is a must-have for anyone who already — or wants to start — the edibles process in a simple, easy-to-use way. 

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