Spiritleaf Cannabis Dispensary Franchise Reveals 3 Biggest Challenges To A Successful Dispensary. Founder, Darren Bondar (Publicly Traded: INSHF)

Currently, Spiritleaf is the first cannabis member of the Canadian Franchise Association 

They’ve openly stated in their disclosures that the average gross revenue is $2-3 million per location.
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I’m Jason Tropf and in this episode I interviewed the founder of the first cannabis company to be accepted into the Canadian Franchise Association, Darren Bonder. Darren shares his insights on licensing, retail dispensary challenges and how they’ve been able to overcome them. Very exciting interview…

So far they’ve granted over 100 franchises and looking for expansion opportunities in the US. Because the Federal Marijuana Law presents challenges in opening chain locations across the border, Spiritleaf is seeking licensing deals in the US and active owner-operators in Canada.  

   They have plans to operate in the US but currently, they’re working through challenges with the Federal Marijuana Law.

They are seeking a way to do licensing and retail support agreements in the US once they find the right partnership and structure. 

If you can partner with them now, the timing is incredibly advantageous.  Now is a good time to establish partnerships.

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