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$200 Million Deployed to Date

Cannabis Cultivation, Distribution, and Retail Strategy to Dominate the EU Marketplace. Proven corporate team with Success in a variety of vertically integrated cannabis channels. Now seeking partners.

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…Just As They Did In North America

Epicenter’s Executive Team has a proven and unprecedented track record in building the largest, most relevant cannabis brands and businesses in North America. Having built over $1B in cannabis-related enterprise value over 14 years, our team is seen as nothing short of “rock stars” in and around the cannabis industry. They demand the attention and respect of celebrities, venture capitalists, C-suite executives, and entrepreneurs.

➣ Trading on CSE and OTCQB

➣ $200 million deployed to date in multiple cannabis ventures: 

  • Proven corporate team with Success in a variety of vertically integrated cannabis and pharma-grade cannabinoid channels. 

➣ $1 Billion in Cannabis Related Enterprise Value

  • Established Relationships with the most respected names and companies in cannabis, Nutraceuticals, and technology. ➣ $200M+ of profitable revenue under LOI

➣ Trusted Relationships with best-in-class cultivators, extraction specialists, manufacturers, and CPG/retail experts. 

➣ Unprecedented Track record of having built top dispensaries and brands – Reef Dispensaries, Bloom Dispensaries, Tryke Companies, Lumpy’s Flowers, Ignite Brands, and many others.

1 Million Impressions Per Week:

  • Influential Multi-industry Brand Influencers and tastemakers with vast and highly-coveted social media audiences.

1 Million Impressions from Awards Won: 

  • Established Relationships with celebrities, sports stars, brand ambassadors, Influencers, and technology entrepreneurs. 

720k Organic Instagram Followers: 

  • Expertise in agile management, brand development, business practices, SOPs, and vertical sales and distribution.

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The EU Cannabis Offers 2.5X the growth opportunity of the Saturated US Market.

The scale and diversity of Europe can make it a challenge to identify and Fully quantify the opportunity at hand.

Each country will predominantly lead Its legalization process and timeline in the early stages.

Understanding and wielding Influence within the political and economic environments will be essential.

significant cultural nuances must be navigated by companies planning to enter the European industry.

Possessing local partnerships and established distribution channel relationships is critical.

Our Executives have been leaders and visionaries in the cannabis industry since 2008.

The team’s historic brand success provides unique “currency” in the EU market – a Market obsessed with US culture, lifestyle, trends, and cannabis growth.

Partnerships are in place to bring unmatched velocity and scale to the EU’s immediate import/export opportunities.

Our Team has already launched and built one industry – valuable lessons that can now be applied in building Europe’s market from the ground up.


Owning The Global Cannabis Market

Epicenter holds an unprecedented opportunity to turn its legendary “rockstar-like” success inside of the North American Cannabis marketplace into a lucrative, first-to-market wholesale, distribution, and retail position that dominates the exploding global cannabis marketplace by:

➣ Leveraging Existing Industry Relationships to Grab First-to-Market Advantage in Europe. 

➣ Exploiting Preferential Distribution Deals with Canada’s Largest Cultivators.

➣ Monetizing Existing Licenses in Portugal, Barbados, South Africa, and Thailand. 

➣ Leveraging Deep-Rooted Political Influence Inside of Portugal and the EU.

➣  Rapidly Building on existing land and licenses to Develop an EU Cannabis Processing and Distribution Hub inside Portugal.

➣ Executing Lucrative Arbitrage Transactions Within Europe’s Nascent Cannabis Marketplace to Create Massive Free Cash Flow.

➣ Establishing Brand Dominance in the Growing International Cannabis Market by Establishing a Foothold in the EU Market.

➣ Building and Distributing Best-of-Breed Lifestyle Brands that will result in brand loyalty and Dominance inside the EU Retail Marketplace.



Strategic Advantage

Global Cannabis Markets

  • Immediate Access to an Exploding Global Market – Estimated to Surpass $42B by 2024
  • Epicenter’s team has existing relationships in place and has already started negotiating bulk flower deals with World’s largest cultivators — including processing and packaging of products with rapid turn-around capability and favorable terms.
  • COLOMBIA exported $8.4 million worth of cannabis in 2022, up 96% compared to the same period one year earlier, according to ProColombia, a government agency in charge of promoting nontraditional Colombian trade.

    Cannabis quality coming out of CANADA is much higher than the supply currently being sold in the European market.

    bulk of African Cannabis market will reside in five countries: Nigeria ($3.7B), SOUTH AFRICA ($1.7B), Morocco ($900M), Lesotho ($90M) and Zimbabwe ($80M), if the necessary legislation is introduced.

    Production in the COSTA RICA Cannabis market, especially in Guanacaste Province, set to explore with first production program worth $170M from 1-2 licensed producers in the region for Q1 2024.

    THAILAND’s cannabis market projected to reach $1,013M by 2023, with a steady CAGR of 14.65% from 2023 to 2028, and market volume of $2,007M by 2028.

    GLOBAL CANNABIS MARKET Revenues Predicted to Surpass $42 Billion by 2024

    Prices in EUROPE are significantly higher than comparable costs per gram throughout North America

Meet The Team

matthew morgan bio

Matthew Morgan
Cannabis Visionary

✦ $1B in Cannabis Enterprise Value Created
✦ Multi-Industry Entrepreneur
✦ Venture Capitalist & Investor
✦ Industry Leader & Mentor
✦ Coveted Brand Influencer

John King

John King

✦ Multi-Industry Entrepreneur
✦ 17-Year C-Level at Proctor & Gamble
✦ Product Engineer
✦ Industry Leader & Mentor
✦ Business Strategy & Financing

Ryan Tyler

Ryan Tyler
Venture Capitalist & Investor

✦ Specializing in Innovative Technologies
✦ Founded and Grew Lumpy’s Flowers to $80M Valuation
✦ Anchor Funder to a Myriad of Companies
✦ $770M in Enterprise Value Created

John Cantril
Laboratory & Cultivation Expert

✦20+ Years of Management and Operations
✦ Founded Scientific Solutions Inc - Globally Recognized and Trusted
✦ Lab & Cultivation Equipment Distributes to 200+ Companies

Nick Spriggs

Nick Spriggs
Cultivation & Processing Consultant

✦12-Year Veteran of the Cannabis Industry
✦ Cultivation and Processing Consultant
✦ Co-Founder of Green Growth Investments, LLC
✦ Venture Capitalist & Investor
✦ Operational Expert
✦ Represents 100+ Manufacturers to 700 Cannabis and Hemp Facilities

Ed Mitchell

Ed Mitchell
Operations Expert

✦25-Year Multi-Industry COO
✦ Regulatory and Compliance Systems
✦ Cannabis Visionary
✦ $1B in Cannabis Enterprise Value Created
✦ Multi-Industry Entrepreneur
✦ Venture Capitalist & Investor
✦ Industry Leader & Mentor
✦ Coveted Brand Influencer
✦ SEO & Advertising Expertise
✦ Software & Systems Development
✦ Large Team Manager

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