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A Top-Shelf Premium Cannabis Dispensary. ELEVAT (“ella-vate”) is a premium cannabis dispensary set to open in Atlantic City, NJ.

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Elevat - A Top-Shelf Premium Cannabis Dispensary:

ELE VAT AC LTD (“ELE VAT”) is a premium cannabis dispensary set to open in Atlantic City, NJ, founded by four enthusiastic and passionate owners, all with unique life and work experience who make a well-oiled team, able to take on all the various aspects of running this type of business. The mission is to not only serve the Atlantic City and its surroundings with the highest quality cannabis products, but to also “elevate” the retail experience through our unique vision and passion. ELE VAT will distinguish itself through our innate culture, centered around providing a high-end catered experience where the customer is our top priority. We also intend for a portion of our revenue to go to various local and international causes that we have a deep and passionate connection to.



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ELE VAT is seeking a private investment of $1.5 million for 15% of the company where the initial investment will be returned before any profits are taken (inquiry for further clarification). Based on our projections, there will be a positive net income in year one after taxes, with gross profit of $4.64 million and income (before taxes) of approximately $3.3 million. Gross profits are expected to grow to $5.2 million in year 2 with income of $3.73 million. Our projections reflect a conservative 12% annual increase of cannabis sales.



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