dea historic move to reschedule cannabis Causes investor profits to soar

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why investor profits are soaring

An Unprecedented Inflection Point in the Flourishing Cannabis Industry Is Upon Us. The Timing is Ripe To Invest In Your Own Dispensary

On April 30, 2024  A historic inflection point has occurred. The decision by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to move forward with the rescheduling of marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) marks a historic turning point leading to a significant surge in the company values climbing as much as 30% in a matter of hours. See why below…

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1. Surge In Cash Flow...

Tax and financial implications:

Reclassifying cannabis from Schedule 1 to schedule 3 ends the 280E tax code that has been a massive burden on cash flow for operators. Incredible amounts of cash flow will be immediately added to the bottom line.  280E forbids businesses operating with Schedule 1 substances from claiming standard business deductions, companies can pay anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of dollars per year more in taxes than their mainstream counterparts. On the day of this rescheduling announcement, Curaleaf surged 19%, while Trulieve climbed nearly 30%. Trulieve in Q4, 2023 had announced a $113 million tax refund.

2. Banking Access

Rescheduling will make it easier for cannabis businesses to access banking services, investment, and other financial resources.

The Canna 10X strategy is to build wealth for investors, franchisees and joint venture partners across state lines with a strategic roll out in limited license states with strategic cost advantages in each local market. Whether you are an operator looking to expand across state lines, investor or franchisee searching for a way into the industry, we’ve created a way for you to flourish with Canna 10X.

 The reclassification of marijuana is viewed as a pivotal development that is reshaping the landscape for cannabis-related investments and signaling a new era of opportunities for industry participants and investors alike.

2. Economic Impact...

The change in classification will facilitate more medical research into the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis and its compounds.

Canna 10X strategically positions clients on the front of the wave to take advantage of pivotal inflection points like this one. Join us as we roll out operations in limited license states with cost advantages across the supply chain via strategic partnerships, joint ventures and franchising. 

3. Retail Sales Projections

No other industry sees the double digit annual growth that Cannabis does. Not in 100 years have we seen the birth of a new industry. Now is the time that the Jack Daniels of cannabis will plant their roots and jocky for positions of power. These soaring retail sales will now add cash flow to the bottom line that has been in a choke hold since the beginning of the industry. Never in history will we see such an immediate, industry wide boost in profits. In fact, as much as 50% of profits are sometimes taken in taxes from some local operators who were not able to write off expenses that were plant-touching until now. Trulieve receiving $113 million worth of tax refunds as it challenged Section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code is testament to this.



Investors and industry observers are closely monitoring the implications of the DEA’s decision, recognizing its significance in shaping the future trajectory of the cannabis market and its potential impact on the financial performance of cannabis-related companies.

The surge in stock values following the DEA’s announcement underscores the transformative nature of this regulatory development and its potential to position the cannabis industry for substantial growth and advancement in the years to come. 

Cannabis 10X works with operators across the US to roll out a very specific strategy, taking advantage of the expected inflection points in the industry. This inflection point was expected and is just one of the many more to follow. See graphs below to understand the approach to corner significant market share and capitalizing on the nature of the cannabis industry’s double digit annual growth rates in certain pockets of the country to those who are positioned correctly.

As the last few remaining states come on line, several more inflection points will occur. Think of this as akin to building franchise networks on top of the supply chain as it develops from state to state. Forming strategic alliances with license holders across the supply chain in each state to establish vertical operations while opening a chain of 100 dispensary locations across the US. To learn more or work with us, contact us here

Invest safely with the company that has worked with iconic cannabis leaders cheech Marin (Cheech and Chong) and Bruce linton (canopy growth)

Cannabis 10X has been instrumental in shaping the cannabis landscape, having successfully executed over 100 capital raises and hosted premier capital pitch events with industry leaders including Cheech Marin of Cheech and Chong, Bruce Linton, Founder of Canopy Growth, one of the largest and fastest growing cannabis companies in history, Terry Booth, Founder of Aurora which he grew to a $14.5 billion market cap. 

The Canna 10X operations team is the driving force behind the Amazon Prime Docuseries called Dispensary Rescue, showcasing our commitment to industry excellence and innovation. Notably, our co-founders Jason Tropf and Holly Ford are featured in the upcoming show High Risk, where they are dedicated to enhancing safety and integrity within the cannabis industry. This esteemed leadership, combined with our industry connections and expertise, positions us at the forefront of this historic inflection point for investors.

This is an unparalleled moment, akin to the groundbreaking opportunities witnessed during the bitcoin boom and the dot com era. For any investor observing from the sidelines, hesitant to seize this momentous opportunity, we stand ready to guide you in structuring the right strategic moves. We are committed to empowering every investor to build a portfolio of highly profitable positions, ensuring long-term benefits and substantial returns. Moreover, this pivotal moment brings with it the promise of safe banking and the elimination of tax code 280E, saving cannabis companies millions in previously unavailable federal deductions. Our initiative, Canna 10X, is set to establish 100 vertically integrated dispensary locations across the US, featuring sustainable growing methods with 10x cost advantages in patented IP while optimal THC levels designed to optimize wellness. The timing of this opportunity transcends even Federal Legalization, as it presents a window for small businesses to secure a strategic foothold across the country, outmaneuvering larger players. This is your moment to join us in shaping the future of the cannabis industry.

cannabis10x on tv set filming green screen

Founders Jason Tropf and Holly A ford on the set of Dispensary Rescue with Operations Director Robert Banfield - Airing fall 2024

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Capitalize on these historical moments with us. Canna 10X is launching 100 locations across the US with the operations team that has successfully run vertical operations in the most saturated markets with unparalleled profit margins combined with the franchise team that started Five Guys and Sbarros, did the operations for 7/11, Haagan Dazs, Panda Express and more.  significant equity will be gone. To learn more about joining the team as an investor, joint venture, strategic partner or to request financial proformas of current locations in development please contact us here.