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Picture of Find The Best Cannabis Franchise With A Trusted Advisor At No Cost To You: David Bowers

Find The Best Cannabis Franchise With A Trusted Advisor At No Cost To You: David Bowers

David Bowers, a stalwart in the cannabis industry for over two decades, is an Owner and Chief Operating Officer of Patient’s Care Collective. In his role as the principal liaison for state regulatory and licensing agencies, Mr. Bowers has played a pivotal role in securing local and state licensing for multiple locations. His expertise extends to cannabis real estate negotiations, where he has successfully brokered deals for cultivation, distribution, and retail operations.

A visionary in the field, Mr. Bowers is the architect behind the revolutionary "PCC7" cannabis classification system. This unique taxonomy, developed through years of research, abandons the conventional Indica-Sativa model in favor of classifying cannabis based on terpene profiles. The color-coded chart associated with PCC7 provides consumers, providers, and cultivators with a more accurate and nuanced understanding of cannabis, shaping a consumer-focused business model.

Mr. Bowers's commitment extends beyond professional achievements. His collaboration with Americans for Safe Access (ASA) exemplifies his dedication to safeguarding California's medical cannabis system against federal challenges.

With experience in meeting the diverse needs of retail cannabis consumers, Mr. Bowers stands as an industry luminary. His visionary leadership and unwavering commitment make him the top choice for those seeking unparalleled expertise in the executive franchise brokerage realm.

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