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Cirrus Social Club:
Investment Opportunity

Cirrus Social Club is a vibrant experience to enjoy cannabis consumption while socializing with like minded people. Youthful and energetic, charged with excitement, vibrant colors, confidence and flair with a fashion-forward appeal.

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A First Class Sesh Experience 

Cirrus is the world’s first of its kind “High End Cannabis Lounge” designed to get the whole world seshing together. Cirrus is revolutionizing the perception of cannabis by defining cannabis service and creating an experience inside a comfortable and timelessly beautiful environment.

Cirrus key differentiators include: 

1. Service
2. Everything is an Experience
3. Comfortable & Timelessly Beautiful


Beautiful Environment Service Cirrus Social Club’s key differentiators from the current landscape of “marijuana hospitality” lie  first in the service model “THORNS”. The existing cannabis hospitality operations do not yet bring a discernible service aspect into the lounge experience, and Cirrus will set the standard for how America will see cannabis service evolve in the coming years. Everything is an Experience In line with Harvard Business School’s fundamentals that make an “experience economy” business, the “Cirrus Experience” includes touching on all 5 senses, creating a lasting and positive memory for all our guests. “Experience economy” businesses are the new hot ticket, and the Cirrus experience will flood social media feeds, news outlets and blogs, driving friends and followers alike to make a reservation as quickly as possible. 

Cirrus Social Club

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Cirrus Experience

Cirrus becomes one of the pinnacle places to be on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night in Denver, and soon the country. Comfortable and Timelessly Beautiful Environment Beyond the service,  its large-scale, glamorous concept caters to a discerning clientele seeking an elevated experience. Cirrus aims to set new standards in the cannabis hospitality industry by offering a reservation-driven model, high-end amenities, and aspirations to garner media attention from prestigious publications such as Architectural Digest, GQ, and Vogue magazine. 

Cirrus Social Club


Financial Projections

Cirrus’ unique positioning and vision set them apart from its competitors and positioned it as a trailblazer in the Colorado marijuana hospitality landscape. Revenue Projections Current Cannabis Model Conservative Projection: The conservative projection takes into account a “steady” business model with a maximum 60% occupancy rate for “peak” hour customers and 20% at all other times, low end price per guest of $50, and minimal staffing requirements. This model also includes cannabis sold at the current limits of 2 grams per person.



$1 Million Already Raised

Marijuana Hospitality license acquired in June 2023 We are now able to sell cannabis like a dispensary. Numbers are based on a single Cirrus location.
City & State "Marijuana Hospitality" License


Building DesignedReady for Construction
Standard Operating ProceduresSOP's Completed
Satisfied "Private Sesh" Guests200+
Private Booking Requests 2024 (unsolicited)20+
Net Profit/Revenue Year 1
Net Profit/Revenue Year 2
Net Profit/Revenue Year 3
Net Profit/Revenue Year 4
Net Profit/Revenue Year 5
$ 2.49M/$13.9M


1. Conservative Projections

  • The conservative projection takes into account a “steady” business model with a maximum 60% occupancy rate for “peak” hour customers and 20% at all other times, low end price per guest of $50, and minimal staffing requirements. This model also includes cannabis sold at the current limits of 2 grams per person.

2. Appropriate Projections

  • This projection is built off comparing Cirrus to other Denver “hot spots” in terms of guests per day and average guest spend. Placing the “peak” hours at 80% capacity and the average guest spend of $60. This projection also includes optimal staffing for maximum guest experience.

3. New Laws Conservative Projections

  • New Cannabis Laws Projection New cannabis sales limits are being updated by the MED right now allowing hospitality licenses to sell as much cannabis as dispensaries. These new models take this information into account. Conservative Projection: This projection is the same capacity and service as above, with the addition of 10% of Cirrus guests taking $10 worth of cannabis home with them.

4. New Laws Optimistic Projections

Same as above optimism in capacity, however added 30% of guests spending $30 on “to go” cannabis.” We believe this is still somewhat conservative of what is possible with this model.

Cirrus financial projections

Who We Are

Arend Richard Cirrus Social Club

Arend Richard
Founder & CEO

Taught millions how to consume cannabis safely - Founded and ran the worlds largest cannabis social media platform - Award winning customer service manager for F&B

Ed Cosman

Ed Cosman
Investment Partner

Ed Cosman has an extensive business background in a wide variety of fields, including manufacturing, retail chain operation and hospitality, virtually all as an owner. A graduate of Occidental College in Los Angeles, his first job was as an Industrial Engineer for Lockheed California Company (now Lockheed Martin) and moved into Commercial Aircraft Sales before starting his career as an entrepreneur. This native New Yorker now resides in Houston.

Miranda Cullen Cirrus Social Club
Miranda Cullen
Principle Interior Designer 
Principal interior designer for Inside Stories. She is a multi-award winning interior designer who has been admired by the classiest citizens Colorado has to offer. Miranda aims to currate the perfect vibe to keep Cirrus busy year round.


Cirrus Social Club Highlights:

$1M Already Investored

  • Leadership team with corporate expertise 

Major US Hubs + International Targets 


  • Las Vegas
  • New York
  • Thailand


Las Vegas, New York, Thailand (view presentation).

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