Cashless ATM

 C10X Partnership Program is pleased to announce a new partnership with Transact First ®  – The most recognized service enabling your cannabis business to accept payments worldwide. Utilizing Cashless ATMs you can now increase sales and client satisfaction by accepting debit and credit card payments.

Benefits Include: 

Card paying customers spend more on average than cash customers 

Quick and easy approval process

No per-transaction costs to you!

cashless atm

Please contact us for more information.

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Internet Merchant Accounts

f you want to accept credit cards for your goods and services, giving your customers added convenience, you’ll need an internet merchant account. A central component of our merchant account services for online payment processing is a banking relationship that manages money transfers from the cardholder’s bank to the merchant’s bank account. This credit card processing system also handles reports, merchant statements, chargebacks and other payment logistics.

 Increase sales by giving customers more payment choices and secure transactions 

Maintain a professional appearance with the perception that your organization is bigger than those that only accept PayPal

Improve cash flow by getting payments into your bank account faster

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