It’s not uncommon for cannabis businesses to end up the target of property crimes. Typically, that takes the form of retail shops being broken into and robbed.

But a cannabis business owner in Denver, Colorado says his company was the target of something much different: arson. The Dab Space Station—a party bus aimed at giving people rides to events so they could safely get high—recently caught fire and burned.

Dab Party Bus Totaled in Fire

Earlier this month, a dab-centric party bus known as the Dab Space Station caught fire during the middle of the night. The blaze completely destroyed the vehicle, which is now totaled and entirely out of commission.

The Dab Space Station was owned and operated by 33 year old Denver resident Ryan Skidmore.

According to a report from The Denver Post, Skidmore used the bus to transport people to parties, concerts, and events in the Denver area.

While riding, passengers could dab and otherwise consume weed. The whole idea was essentially to let people get high and go to events without having to operate a vehicle.

However, the Dab Space Station is now a thing of the past. In the early morning hours of November 4, Skidmore’s roommate woke up to see the bus, which was parked in front of their house, on fire.

She quickly woke Skidmore up. But by the time Skidmore reached the bus, cops and firefighters had already extinguished the flames.

Initially, authorities said the fire was the result of an electrical short or some other mechanical problem with the bus.

But Skidmore has a different explanation. He told The Denver Post that later on, after the fire was put out and authorities were gone, he entered the burned vehicle and found what he described as “two bottles . . . with rags in them.”

According to Skidmore, his bus caught fire because somebody planted two Molotov cocktails inside of it.

“I just hope whoever did this has the heart to come forward and maybe give an explanation,” Skidmore said. “It was a party bus, it was a relaxing environment. We were here to help keep people mellow.”

Madison Karl via GoFundMe

What’s Next for the Dab Space Station?

Skidmore has owned the bus for around three years. All told, he said he’s poured about $20,000 into it to keep it up and running.

In particular, he said the bus had a special light and sound system and an air ventilation system to cater to his dabbing clientele. The bus could hold 16 passengers at a time. In total, the vehicle was worth a reported $25,000.

Skidmore said that the bus was fully ensured during operation. But, unfortunately for him, not while it was parked and out of operation.

That means that it was not protected during the fire. And now, the bus has been totaled.

It’s unclear at this time what will happen with Skidmore’s dab-centric party company. But for now, his roommate has launched a GoFundMe page titled The Dab Space Station Funeral Fund.

“Since Ryan moved in with me in March, The Dab Space Station is ALL he would talk about and think about,” The GoFundMe page says. “I’ve watched him work his ass off to get this business up and running, only to have some cold hearted person set it on fire! This was his EVERYTHING!!! So I’m setting up this fundraiser to see if we can help him get through these tough times, and back up on his feet (or wheels).”

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