Cannabis Licenses For Sale

4 Cultivation + Manufacturing Licenses, Nevada




Recreational + Medical


Medical + Recreational

1,200 ACRES

Largest Grow In State

Cannabis license for sale

Own 4 marijuana licenses in one of the most strategic areas in US

1233 total acres, Massive Water Rights: 5,000 acre ft available

• Four premier marijuana licenses in Lincoln County, Nevada
• One medical and one recreational cultivation license
• One medical and one recreational manufacturing license

Business Description

Ability to own four marijuana licenses in one of the most strategic and optimal areas in the US and Nevada The land is soil and water tested and readied for acquisition. This Nevada Cannabis opportunity presents a tremendous profit opportunity for cultivation and manufacturing of branded products that can be marketed to over-42-million-adult-tourists now; and the entire nation post legalization. This investment also has the expandable acreage, massive water rights, an ideal climate and the attributes to be a long term national competitor in a post national legalization marketplace.

Medical Cultivation License

Recreational Cultivation License

 1 of 6 Rural County Cultivation Licenses Awarded In Entire State

Medical Only 3% of Nevada Licenses have This Benefit

INCLUDES: 750,000 sq.ft. of Approved Greenhouse (highest amount allocated by state)

 Production/Manufacturing Licenses 

Medical Marijuana Production License

Recreational Marijuana Production License

Nevada Cultivation License For Sale Site Plan 1

Includes land that is fully negotiated, soil tested and readied for acquisition.

Nevada Cultivation License For Sale Site Plan 2

Irrigated Farmland

The land is fully negotiated, soil tested and readied for acquisition:

Land & Water: 1,233 Total Acres

900+ Farmable Irrigable Acres Allocated for Outdoor Cultivation  (39,204,000 sf)

20 Acres Allocated For 750,000sf of Greenhouse  

300+ Acres Allocated for Campus: Security, Manufacturing Facility, Offices

5,000 Acre Feet of Water Rights

2 retail dispensaries – Oregon

6 retail dispensaries – Colorado 

Benefits of Nevada

Both medical and recreational marijuana are legal; as of 2017 Nevada legalized recreational marijuana:

Population: 2.94 Million

Tourism: 42 Million Las Vegas Adult Tourists Annually 

Projections: 55 Million Tourists

No Plant Count Limitations or Restrictions:

Limited Nevada Cultivation Licenses Issued: Less Than 150 Licenses Operating

Business Structure: Corporate Holdings Hierarchy

Nevada Las Vegas
cannabis interstate commerce

Nevada License Advantage

Emerging Markets: The benefits of owning a Nevada Cultivation License in an emerging market like Nevada is as follows:

License Quantity Comparison:

Colorado: 2,600 Cultivation licenses
California: 25,0000 expected cultivation licenses
Nevada: 196 Cultivation Licenses Issued

 Limited Quantity of Marijuana Licenses

Only 3% Are Rural Outdoor Cultivation. This Opportunity is 1 of only 6.

70 Production

152 Dispensary

2018 Added More Dispensaries Due To High Demand

 Quicker expansion and growth

 No plant count limit 

No canopy limit 

No square footage limit 

Potential Future Value: The ability to ramp up production capability to be a top leader in the Nevada marketplace in the near future; and a leader in the National market place post cannabis prohibition.

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Growth & Expansion

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Growth: Your footprint can reach across the country and have thousands of locations

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