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"The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it". - Ray Croc

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CANNABIS10X evaluates each business based upon foundational global benchmarks of franchising success indicators.  Detailed analysis of the business’ financial aptitude, structured operations, industry differentiation, and market potential, are done collectively with the client and industry experts.  Results of this evaluation are the basis for the franchise models framework. 


The Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement are the most important legal items of the the franchise entity.  Cannabis10x works with an international leader in franchise law.  This partnership is augmented with Cannabis attorneys, marketing oversights, and licensing advocates down to the municipal level.  This protection is necessary and cannot be understated. 


Cannabis Operations is complicated.  Not just in terms of creating a successful franchise platform, but also for legal and system-wide compliance.  We take this very seriously and develop your franchise operational system with a team that has successfully created the operations for brands including 7/11, Panda Express, and Haagen Dasz.  This protects your system and builds in profit centers with additional revenue streams.


Exclusive Cannabis10x clients receive all of the collateral, tools and systems they need to have every advantage to successfully sell their franchise.  This includes a designated Brand Ambassador that manages territory selection, Discovery Days, and sales pipeline with our Cannabis-trained brokers.  Collateral includes franchise websites, franchise video, sophisticated territory mapping software, and franchise promotional materials.

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