A Canadian drug smuggler nearly pulled a dramatic escape before he washed up in the Detroit River last week.

Glen Richard Mousseau is now facing three potential charges from the Department of Homeland Security, according to a report published by Click On Detroit, after being found unconscious in the water on Friday by border patrol agents. The weeks leading up to that scene were just as strange and surreal.

Caught, Escaped, Caught Again

Click On Detroit reported that Mousseau was pulled over driving a U-Haul truck on May 10 in Michigan, where authorities then found a package containing more than $97,000 in the trunk. Mousseau was taken into custody, but said he did not know who the package belonged to. The publication said that he told authorities that “he directs a smuggling organization that moves money and drugs between Canada and the U.S.,” by giving “GPS coordinates to someone in Canada, and that person crosses the river in a submarine.”

“Mousseau would then send the drugs or money and his associate back across the river, court records show,” according to Click on Detroit. “Mousseau said he’s the owner of a submarine that was seized by Border Patrol agents April 23 from the Zug Island shoreline.”

He was eventually released and allowed to stay in a nearby hotel while the investigation unfolded, but on May 22, Mousseau made a run for it. Last Friday, according to the report, border patrol agents approached a vessel on the Detroit River. 

“After trying to stop the vessel, agents said they saw two large bundles being thrown into the water. While approaching the bundles, agents said they saw an unconscious man in the water. He was later identified as Mousseau,” the report said. “Mousseau was attached to the bundles by a type of tow strap, authorities said. There was about 265 pounds of suspected marijuana in the bundles, according to court records.”

It makes for another extraordinary episode along the Michigan-Canada drug pipeline. In April, a Canadian nurse got busted after telling border agents that she was heading to a Detroit hospital to help treat patients infected by COVID-19, but was allegedly carrying more than 150 pounds of marijuana.

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