Cannabis packaging products manufacturer Calyx Containers will be introducing a new glass container for concentrates with a novel square design later this year. Partnering with German engineers, the company set out to design a child-resistant glass container with an innovative square shape, which incorporates senior-friendly ergonomic features while providing maximum access to the product inside.

A package with parallel surfaces, such as a square, is easier to hold and grip, particularly by seniors and others with limitations in manual dexterity and strength. The new design, which eliminates the “shoulders” molded into many square containers to accommodate a screw-top, also allows full access to the product inside.

Alex Gonzalez, the president of Calyx Containers, said in a press release that the new packaging for concentrates also contains a special gasket to preserve terpenes and flavor. Additionally, the liner of the lid is removable so any concentrate that adheres to it can be easily recovered.

“We noticed that consumers were disappointed in how much product they were losing in the lid liners of current options,” said Gonzalez. 

“With our concentrate container, they will now have the option to remove the liner from the lid, throw it in the freezer, and flex the membrane to access the re-solidified concentrates. This means your customers can enjoy their extracts to the last drop,” he explained.

Courtesy of Calyx Containers

Packaging Designed Especially for Cannabis

Boston-based Calyx Containers got its start when Gonzalez and fellow company founder Simon Knobel realized that the cannabis industry, which had been relying on packaging from other industries including pill bottles and makeup containers, was ready for its own custom packaging solutions that were more environmentally friendly.

Since then, the company has sold millions of its cannabis packaging products in 19 states and two countries, working with notable cannabis manufacturers including Grassroots, NETA, and Wana Brands. Nancy Whiteman, the CEO of Wana, said that her company was looking for packaging with less of an impact on the environment.

“Between the child-resistant container, the box for regulatory language and an inner bag for freshness, we knew Wana’s packaging was creating too much waste,” said Whiteman. “We were looking for a solution that would address the sustainability issue while meeting regulatory requirements, having shelf appeal and keeping our cannabis edibles at peak freshness. Calyx checked every box, making it the perfect solution.”

As the largest edibles manufacturer in the United States, according to data from BDS Analytics, Wana is positioned to make decisions that set an example for the industry.

“Wana has the opportunity to embrace innovative ways to protect our environment and show something meaningful can be done about this issue,” Whiteman said, noting that new child-resistant packaging requirements go into effect in California on January 1.

Calyx Containers plans to make the public debut of its new square concentrates vessels at MJBizCon, which will be held in Las Vegas in December. The product is now available on a pre-sale basis for companies interested in gaining access to the initial release coming in 2020.

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