With the economic downturn brought about by the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, lots of folks have had to take the drastic step of cutting back on the weed budget. And even if the chaos hasn’t affected your finances, you might find that the stress of the situation we now call daily life has you burning through your herb sack faster than usual.

Enter California cannabis brand Union Electric to help take up the slack. Just in time for the Labor Day holiday, Union Electric announced on Tuesday that in solidarity with the brand’s farmers, the company is offering a full ounce of California greenhouse-grown cannabis for only $50 with its ‘In Labor We Trust’ campaign. In a press release, the company said that it decided to run the promotion through the month of September in an effort to acknowledge the actual meaning of the holiday.

“While some describe it as a way to ‘pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers,’ others explain it’s a day for workers to ‘declare their solidarity and their desire for a better world.’ Seldom has the need for a better world been more apparent,” Union Electric wrote in the release.

Normally, Union Electric’s one-ounce bags of greenhouse-quality flower run about $150 to $200. But during the month of September, quality herb from the brand’s greenhouse farm partners POSIBL Project and Wave Rider Nursery, both located in Salinas, California, will be available for only 50 bucks.

Max Goldstein, the founder and CEO of Union Electric, told High Times in an email that the time is right to give hard-working cannabis consumers a break while showing support for its partner growers.

“Cannabis advocacy has always represented a fight for people and their right to experience joy, relief, and natural wellness,” he said. “The world is crazy right now, and as our farm partners go to work every day under red skies and clouds of smoke and our customers struggle to find work and make ends meet, we viewed this year’s Labor Day as a unique moment of solidarity. With cannabis now deemed an essential business, we believe it’s important for the industry to embrace the opportunity we have to help people get through these tough times by providing more access and affordability.”

Union Electric’s partner POSIBL Project echoed that sentiment and offered a holiday wish for California’s cannabis community.

“In this unforeseen 2020, our thoughts go out to the American workforce and their employers – we feel your pain and are confident in our country’s ability to persevere through any hardship,” said a company spokesperson in an email. “At POSIBL, we offer premium greenhouse cannabis at affordable prices, in partnership with best-in-class California brands. Our workforce and customers are the foundation of the achievements and goals we put forth. We take advantage on this Labor Day to reflect on all the hard work and dedication the POSIBL family and our clients have contributed to make this a reality.”

The ‘In Labor We Trust’ campaign will be available on the Union Electric website beginning September 1 and runs through the end of the month, offering next-day delivery via its direct-to-consumer service The Flower Express.

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