Cannabis Financial Tools

Essential business tools for every cannabis company - Cannabis10x Strategic Alliance With Dama Financial

low-interest options available. cannabis companies have long been shut out of the lending industry. Now those days are over. Low APR No personal guarantees No restrictions on how you use the funds

Use Dama Payroll to manage all their needs in a simple interface. Our cannabis payroll solution integrates seamlessly with the entire Dama platform, giving you more time to focus on building your business.

INTEREST BARING ACCOUNTS AVAILABLE. Manage your finances like a traditional business with a Premier Banking account.

Low-interest credit options Whether it’s a loan to expand your staff or a credit card to pay for day-to-day expenses, Dama gets you what you need.

Secure cash transport If you must deal in cash, our armored car service providers can safely transport your money to an FDIC-insured bank, where we can also provide you with access to a secure, compliant and transparent account.

Accept payments in-store, online, or before pick-up and delivery. Paytender makes it easy for your customers to pay you no matter where they are.


Dama Financial:

Dama has everything you need to fuel the growth of your business

Dama is led by banking and payments industry veterans who have successfully built and scaled multiple businesses. Our team is fueled by a passion for innovation, solving complex business problems and driving business value for all stakeholders.


Business Tools

We build—and run—your cannabis program with minimal investment on your end. While other companies “consult” then walk away, we act as your in-house cannabis department, managing every client interaction from cradle to grave. Our experts are there every step of the way so you can focus on other areas of your business. We follow all FinCEN and BSA/AML rules, adhere to Cole Memo priorities, and stay current with state and federal regulations to ensure that you remain fully compliant.


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VIP All-Access: Webinar

Exclusive Cannabis10x Clients gain full access to a pre-recorded educational webinar presentation by the Ice Miler Cannabis Team where we will cover pivotal growth strategy and share state-to-state opportunities . You will hear from each of the Cannabis10x Franchisors who will each share their best insights to help each other expand their footprint including current deal flow, acquisitions, new franchisees and more private training material.


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Anh Hatzopoulos CO-FOUNDER AND CEO

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No one comes close to our level of industry knowledge—or to the depth of our relationships with banking and payments regulators. We helped write an amendment to strengthen the Safe Banking Act. We also frequently serve as experts to the past and present administrations, as well as to members of the Senate Banking Committee.

Cash Management - In-house smart safe

Our in-house smart safe allows your employees to deposit cash throughout the day. No more manual counting Bill validator decreases susceptibility to fraud Reduces internal cash losses due to employee error Authenticate and monitor your cash at every step of the handling process.

Armored car pick-up

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your money is secure. Money is deposited into your bank account within one business day. Flexible off-site pick-up. Schedule collection at your partner's or vendor’s location. Expand your sales network without having to travel to pick up cash (e.g. cultivators can sell to wholesalers hundreds of miles away). Access deposited funds in your Premier Business account the next business day.

Credit solutions for cannabis companies

Cannabis lending: Enjoy access to low-interest options available to every other industry. Purchase inventory and/or equipment. Expand your staff. Roll out new marketing initiatives. Take advantage of early payment discounts.

Invest in the future of your business

Growing any business takes capital, but cannabis companies have long been shut out of the lending industry. Now those days are over. It’s about time, right? Low APR No personal guarantees No restrictions on how you use the funds

Secured credit cards

Tired of using personal credit to keep your company running? We’re here to help! Now you can pay for airline tickets, hotel stays, business dinners, trade show booths, office supplies or other day-to-day expenses without putting your personal finances at risk. Pay day-to-day expenses. No annual fee Low APR.

Retail & Delivery

Take cash out of the equation. Paytender’s pre-payment option speeds up drop-off schedules, which increases revenue. It also improves the overall security of your business by reducing cash. Plus customers love the convenience, and happy customers come back.

Payment Processing

Use Paytender to make it easy for your customers to pay you no matter where they are. In-store, online, delivery, and pick-up.

Online Payment Processing

Reduce abandoned shopping carts and gain loyal customers. Add Paytender to your website for easy checkout, which will increase conversion rates and have your clientele singing your praises. Plus satisfied customers come back again and again. And again.


No show? No problem! Worried about no-shows? Text or email customers a payment link ahead of time to guarantee you get paid regardless. Pre-payment also speeds up delivery schedules, which adds to your bottom line.