Bake Shop

Multi-State Operator Franchise

Very Profitable College Campus Model, Minority Owned

Franchise summary

Bake Shop Experience:

Very Profitable With Low Up-Front Cost

It’s no secret that within the last decade, the commercialism of cannabis has flourished and has sprawled into multiple industries given the versatility of how cannabis can be utilized and consumed.  With more states welcoming the wonders of cannabis through legalization, now’s the time to invest into a franchise within the cannabis industry.  In 2015, entrepreneur Pablo Gonzalez capitalized on the emerging market and launched The Bake shop, a cannabis dispensary based in the city of Prosser, WA.  Pablo used that name because he wanted customers to exercise their discretion as marijuana is still considered a taboo subject among many.  Pablos’ success led him to expand The Bank Shop to multiple new locations including expansion into additional states.  In 2020, Pablo developed The Bake Shop into a fully equipped franchise to offer entrepreneurs an opportunity to break ground in this budding industry!

The Bake Shop Cannabis Franchise

• Multi-State Operator 

• High Margins

• Great College Campus Model