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Wholesale technology platform connecting buyers and sellers. Some describe as “The Amazon of Weed”. Like Instacart for retail dispensaries who find multiple sellers of wholesale products to carry in their stores via the American Flower B2B shopping app. 

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There is no single cannabis opportunity as lucrative as canna-tech

American Flower Alliance is a technology platform providing dispensaries, cultivators and manufacturers an online trading platform from which to do business. The gap in the market for this is incredibly large. The team behind this is impressive: 

Nils Lahr is a seasoned investor, advisor, and executive specializing in early-stage tech companies focused on computer vision, digital media, and big data solutions. His visionary leadership and deep understanding of emerging technologies have made him a highly respected figure in the industry.

Currently, Nils is serving as a key member of the Microsoft and OrionsWave teams, where he is driving the development of groundbreaking digital media management frameworks that combine machine learning and human cognition. This innovative approach is designed to support hybrid computer vision and data analytics solutions at scale, positioning Microsoft and OrionsWave at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field.

Nils is also renowned for his role as an investor and co-founder of Synergy Sports Technologies, where he played a pivotal role in the industry’s first high-volume, real-time, video-indexing statistical engine and online retrieval platform. This revolutionary platform is now used by professional sports teams, broadcasters, and Fortune 500 businesses around the world. His expertise and strategic guidance led to a successful exit in 2019 to Atrium Sports, a testament to his ability to identify and nurture exceptional talent and technologies.

Nils’ extensive experience in the digital media industry is highlighted by his role as CTO and co-founder of iBEAM Broadcasting, an early internet media distribution company that went public in 2001 with a peak market cap over $2 billion. He also served as lead architect at VXtreme, a Stanford University startup focused on digital media, which was ultimately sold to Microsoft for over $50 million.

Nils’ unwavering dedication to innovation and his pursuit of excellence have been instrumental in shaping the future of the industry. With his vast knowledge and expertise, he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of computer vision, digital media, and big data solutions.

Luke Rippy, Founder:
As an entrepreneur Luke launched and built several successful businesses. With an extensive career in technology. He developed and sold the pioneering peer to peer social network Freek 2 Freek. He founded elevating consciousness, one of the first medical cannabis delivery services in orange county, California. In 2014 Luke founded American flower and has since then expanded the business quarter by quarter into one of the premier cannabis brands in California.

Ross Como, Managing Member:
Ross has a 35-year history of developing and growing companies from startups to large regionals. His specialties are business management, finance and real estate development. Additionally, ross has contributed his efforts to such diverse fields as entertainment, high tech and environmental management. Ross graduated from the university of California at Irvine, earning a degree in biological sciences. He has made orange county his home since that time.


Trading Platform

➣ A wholesale trading platform for cannabis distribution. 

Vertical Operations California + Oklahoma

American Flower is a vertically integrated company through its wholly owned subsidiaries and will profit off of several lines in the supply chain.

 33 Locations – Under LOI for California distribution
➣ California extraction facility
➣ Oklahoma Grow

Building is 80% complete. Completion scheduled for December 31, 2023. Construction delays have been caused by supply chain issues which are now resolved. We are going to add Appendix 1 with pictures of site which I will forward.


 White label signed contracts available upon request and signed NDA.


Revenue Projections

➣ American Flower Alliance

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